Who is the new weather person on ctv toronto?

Lyndsay Morrison is a Weekend Weather Anchor and Community Reporter for CTV News Toronto, delivering comprehensive weather updates as well as news stories from communities across the GTA.

Correspondingly, what is Lyndsay Morrison doing now? She is the Weekend Weather Anchor for CTV News Toronto. … Previously she was a weather forecaster for The Weather Network. Morrison began her broadcast career as a features intern for ET Canada.

Best answer for this question, why was Anwar Knight let go from CTV News? As of February 2021 Anwar Knight is no longer with CTV News Toronto. … In 2010, Anwar was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A fighter and always the eternal optimist, Anwar’s challenge was not only getting better, but also to become a catalyst for change – especially when it comes to cancer.

Also know, who is leaving CTV News Toronto? As of February 2021 Tom Brown is no longer with CTV News Toronto. Tom Brown is Toronto’s foremost Weather Anchor, delivering daily weather coverage for CTV News at Six and CTV News at 11:30. Brown joined CTV News Toronto in 2004.

People ask also, who does the weather on CTV? Lyndsay Morrison – Weather Specialist / Anchor – CTV News | LinkedIn.Lyndsay Morrison is a Weekend Weather Anchor and Community Reporter for CTV News Toronto, delivering comprehensive weather updates as well as news stories from communities across the GTA.

Where is Christine Bentley now?

Bentley has served on the Board of Governors for Rouge Valley Centenary, as well as the Hospital’s Foundation Board. She has served on the board of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, for which she is still an ambassador at large.

Where is Anwar the weatherman on CTV?

Anwar Knight is currently in his hometown of Toronto. The Canadian TV personality has taken a break following removal from the CTV and is enjoying his time as a vacation.

What is Tom Brown doing now?

He is the weather anchor for CTV News Toronto. Tom Brown is the most important weather anchor in Toronto, providing weather reports for CTV News and CTV News at 6 o’clock every day. Brown joined CTV News Toronto in 2004.

How old is Akshay Tandon?

Tandon, 30, is the founder partner of Skarma, a communications firm.

Who is Angie Seth?

Angie Seth joined CTV News Channel in July 2018 as an anchor/reporter. An award-winning journalist and broadcaster, Seth brings nearly 20 years’ experience in television, radio, print, and digital platforms. … She also hosted and produced two entertainment programs, ISHTYLE TV and BOLLYWOOD BLVD.

Is Lisa LaFlamme leaving the National?

She is leaving due to health issues but will continue to work from home. Lisa LaFlamme is known to be a Canadian television journalist. … Now, the face of Canadian national news television has revealed that she would be unavailable for few days.

Who is Michelle Jobin?

Michelle Jobin is a television personality and spokesperson with almost two decades of experience in broadcast and online media. … After producing and hosting 54 episodes of Dining Toronto, Michelle has become a fixture in the city’s food scene.

Where is Tracy Tong?

As of May 2020 Tracy Tong is no longer with CTV News Toronto. Tracy Tong is a videojournalist with CTV News Toronto, covering breaking news from across the city. Tong joined CTV News Toronto in 2016, and has since also served as a fill-in anchor for the station’s daily newscasts.

Where is Tom Brown on CTV?

Tom Brown from CTV was dismissed from his job by the TV channel company in February of 2021. The news channel announced through a notice that it had let go of two of its employees and the list included the name of Tom, who had worked on CTV for 16 years. They didn’t think about mentioning the reason for his release.

Is Ben Mulroney being replaced on your morning?

TORONTO — Ben Mulroney, co-host of CTV’s “Your Morning,” is leaving the national news program after a 20-year career with the broadcaster. Mulroney says he wants to focus on a new career developing scripted and unscripted projects. Friday will be his last day.

Where is Shannon Bradbury?

Shannon Bradbury started at CTV Kitchener in January 2019 as a Multimedia Journalist. She soon began anchoring the weekend weather before becoming the weekday weather anchor.

Who is the weather girl on your morning?

Kelsey McEwen – Chief Meteorologist, Co-Host of Your Morning – Bell M├ędia | LinkedIn.

Who are the host of your morning?

The program is hosted by Anne-Marie Mediwake, along with contributors Lindsey Deluce (news anchor), and Kelsey McEwen (weather) from CTV’s street-front studios at Bell Media Queen Street in Downtown Toronto.

What happened to Christine from CTV News?

It was there Christina began her career as a reporter and late anchor for Global News. She returned to the Bell Media family in as a reporter and anchor for CTV Kitchener in 2017. … Christina is thrilled to be back in Eastern Ontario, living in the National Capital and bringing live, breaking news to the community.

Did Ken Shaw retire?

He announced his retirement on December 7, 2019 and anchored his last newscast on January 6, 2020. Shaw joined CTV Toronto as a reporter in 1979, while at the same time reporting on major Canadian news stories for American network news programs including ABC’s Good Morning America, Nightline, and NBC’s The Today Show.

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