Is rexdale toronto safe?

This isn’t a surprise to anyone from Toronto, as Rexdale has long been notorious for gang-related crime. Toronto Life rated the neighbourhood the 9th worst in the city because of, among other things, a lack of access to public transit, schools and shopping.

Moreover, is Rexdale poor? About 120,000 people live in the Rexdale-Jamestown neighbourhood served by the community hub. About 25 per cent of the families live below the poverty line, with almost 40 per cent of working adults involved in low-paying, part-time jobs with no benefits or job security.

Amazingly, what are the bad parts of Toronto?

  1. Parma Court. Population 3,202. 54 %
  2. Crescent Town. Population 15,086. 46 %
  3. Flemingdon Park. Population 24,308. 46 %
  4. Main Square. Population 2,313. 45 %
  5. Scarborough City Centre. Population 16,767.
  6. Parkway Forest. Population 14,351.
  7. Thorncliffe Park. Population 22,778.
  8. Hillside. Population 184.

Also the question is, where is the ghetto in Toronto? Toronto’s ghettos no longer exist primarily in its downtown core but have moved to the so-called inner suburbs where they have grown dramatically over the past 20 years, according to a report being released today that calls the phenomenon “deeply disturbing.”

Furthermore, who lives in Rexdale? Rexdale‘s first residents were mostly English and Scottish, but it evolved into a multicultural neighbourhood in the following decades led by those from the Caribbean and the Indian subcontinent. The population of Rexdale, according to the 2006 Census, is 94,469 living in 30,238 households.

What rappers are from Rexdale?

  1. G-Squad (Toronto Rap Group)
  2. Mista Bourne (Rapper)
  3. Loonie blue (Izzy Strip)
  4. Payback (Doomstown Rapper)

When was Rexdale built?

In 1956, Heslop built Rexdale Plaza on the east side of Islington Avenue – the 4th retail plaza in Toronto. It was the major shopping centre for the area, with a Dominion store and all of the major retail chains. Originally open to the elements, it was enclosed in 1972.

How big is Rexdale?

New Rexdale “Eventually Heslop developed over 2000 homes and 70 businesses on 1200 acres of land, and he was a millionaire,” according to the Etobicoke Historical Society.

What is the meaning of Rexdale?

Rexdale is a neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located north-west of the central core, in the former city of Etobicoke. Rexdale defines an area of several official neighbourhoods north of Highway 401 and east of Highway 427.

What is the richest area in Toronto?

  1. York Mills-Windfields // Toronto. Average household net worth: $21.55 million.
  2. The Bridle Path // Toronto.
  3. Sunnybrook // Toronto.
  4. Hoggs Hollow // Toronto.
  5. Forest Hill South // Toronto.
  6. Kleinberg // Vaughan.
  7. Lawrence Park North // Toronto.
  8. Oakville.

Where should I not live in Toronto?

There are three areas to avoid. Scarborough, Regent Park, and Parkdale at night. These are all areas a tourist would probably never end up around anyways. Toronto is basically safe but there are always a few oddballs on the streets and a few drunks in the entertainment district after midnight.

Is Cabbagetown Toronto safe?

Unfortunately, like a Toronto neighbourhoods, it is also home to crime. In the area between Wellesley Street and Carlton Street and west of Parliament Street, there is an average of 11.27 crimes against people per 1,000 people living and working in the area.

Is Rexdale Bloods or Crips?

The Stovetop Rexdale Crips are a mid-size African-Canadian street gang founces in the Rexdale section of the northwest suburb of Etobicoke in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is the poorest part of Toronto?

Catharine-Niagara has the lowest at $ 63,000. This region, particularly the Toronto metropolitan area, witnesses the biggest income gap in Canada, and the number is just appalling — the most affluent families are paid nearly 14 times more than those at the bottom.

Is Clanton Park Safe?

There is virtually no crime in this area.

Is Jane and Finch safe?

Jane/Finch is a poorer neighborhood in Toronto. Like most impoverished neighborhoods, it typically has an elevated crime rate. Like Scarborough, Jane/Finch has gotten a reputation as an unsafe part of Toronto.

Is Etobicoke safe?

Overall yes, Etobicoke is considered a very safe place to live. Really, when we’re talking safety, one of the main things we think about is crime. One of the easiest-to-use resources available right now is the Toronto Police Services Neighbourhood Report .

What Neighbourhood is Killy from?

Khalil Tatem was born August 19, 1997, to a Bajan father and Filipino mother. Killy grew up in Toronto before moving to Victoria, British Columbia at 8 years old.

Who is Pyrex whipper?

Kedrick Isaiah Cannady, known as Pyrex (Whippa), is a producer and rapper from…

Who created Rexdale?

401 as Rexdale. In reality, Rexdale was the name of the very first of many post-war subdivisions built in northern Etobicoke. Rex Wesley Heslop was the visionary developer who gave this first subdivision his name and left an indelible mark on this part of Etobicoke.

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