How to get to medieval times toronto by go train?

Do the tickets include parking? With the exception of our Toronto Castle, all Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Castles offer free on-site car, bus and handicapped parking. At our Toronto castle, public parking lots are available on the grounds.

Furthermore, is Medieval Times fun for adults? It’s definitely an experience kids and adults alike can enjoy (especially if you’re of the super nerdy variety like me!). You can take a trip back to the land of knights, jousting, and Queen Isabella at Medieval Times: 2001 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL (additional locations can be found on their website).

Similarly, what time does medieval times start? The medieval era, often called The Middle Ages or the Dark Ages, began around 476 A.D. following a great loss of power throughout Europe by the Roman Emperor. The Middle Ages span roughly 1,000 years, ending between 1400 and 1450.

Amazingly, has anyone ever died at Medieval Times? A medieval knight re-enactor died in a freak accident over the weekend when he impaled himself on his own lance while competing at a Renaissance fair.

Considering this, what is a good age for Medieval Times? Children 3 and under can sit on a parent’s lap and share a plate of food. This is great! Often at live shows the ticket policy calls for a 1 year old to have a seat.

Is Medieval Times worth the money?

Medieval Times is definitely fun, but is it worth the price? After only one experience at Medieval Times, this frugal traveler has decided that it is absolutely worth the price. … It’s an entertaining show. Entertainment like plays, movies, and musicals cost money. Even a movie ticket these days is over $10.

Is food included at Medieval Times?

The food is included, it’s a set menu, although they do accommodate for allergies or vegan diets. Be prepared to eat with your hands (no utensils). The show is (2) hours long, Medieval suggests arriving 75 minutes prior to showtime. You don’t have to arrive that early.

Do I tip at Medieval Times?

As in a traditional restaurant, our servers work for gratuities. The only time that a gratuity will be added/ included in your bill is if you book through our Group Sales department with a group over 15 persons. … I always tip $5 a person including kids.

Are you allowed to dress up at Medieval Times?

Feel free to dress up or come casual! You will notice that the crowd at Medieval Times is like no other. … Dress in general is casual, so just come comfortable. Kids may enjoy wearing dress up items so they can look like knights and princesses, but even if you don’t have the energy for all of that don’t worry.

Which is better Medieval Times or Pirates?

While the food at Medieval Times was definitely my favorite, I prefer Pirates Voyage overall. It’s a newer show and its quality shows that. PV focuses more on the details and offers something for everyone in their show.

What drinks are served at Medieval Times?

Food & Drink in the Medieval Village All classes commonly drank ale or beer. Milk was also available, but usually reserved for younger people. Wine was imported from France and Italy for those with money. The wealthier you were, the better you ate.

Where do Medieval Times horses live?

Medieval Times says audiences have nothing to fear. Amadeus and the horses live a better life than most people, the company has commented. The horses are bred and retired at the corporate ranch in Texas. Once they reach their mid-teens, they’re free to roam the 240 acres of Chapel Creek Ranch.

What to know before going to Medieval Times?

  1. It’s super easy to get to.
  2. It’s first-come, first-served seating, but really, every seat is good.
  3. You’ll spend a while in the Great Hall before the show begins.
  4. The Great Hall has a full bar.
  5. Your fellow audience members ensure epic people-watching.

Does Medieval Times abuse their horses?

A former cast member at Medieval Times’ internationally-acclaimed dinner shows is accusing management of firing her for protesting gender discrimination, harassment and the torture of horses used during performances. … Such abuse ended in the death of at least one horse, Regan asserted.

Is there a female knight in Medieval Times?

During the Middle Ages, women could not be granted the title of Knight; it was reserved for men only. However, there were many chivalric orders of knighthood that admitted women and female warriors who performed the role.

How bad was medieval life?

Life was harsh, with a limited diet and little comfort. Women were subordinate to men, in both the peasant and noble classes, and were expected to ensure the smooth running of the household. Children had a 50% survival rate beyond age one, and began to contribute to family life around age twelve.

Can you go to Medieval Times Free on your birthday?

Specifically, with the purchase of one full-priced adult admission, you will receive one free admission of equal or lesser value for the birthday celebrant. The Birthday Fellowship coupon is valid for your birth month and the first seven days of the following month (for those end-of-the-month celebrants).

Does Medieval Times have kids menu?

8 answers. No, the menu is the same for everyone. But it is suitable for all ages. There is tomato basil soup and rolls to start; a half roasted chicken, including breast, wing, thigh and leg; a bbq pork rib; half of a baked potato; a small corn on the cob; an apple tart for dessert.

Does Medieval Times have metal detectors?

This is a very solid show with good food. Only complaint is I was shocked they didn’t search bags or have a metal detector. Every single large venue I’ve been to in the past 5 years has been checking bags now. On top of that, they sell REAL SWORDS at a kiosk and not even under lock and key.

Is Medieval Times only for kids?

Admission: Adults, $56.95; ages 3-12, $36.95; children younger than age 3 admitted free if they sit in a parent’s lap and dine from a parent’s plate. VIP packages for additional fees.

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