How to change utoronto password?

  1. Go to UTORid Management.
  2. Click on change your password under Password and Account Management.
  3. Enter in your UTORid and password.
  4. Click on Authenticate.
  5. Enter your new password twice.
  6. Click on Submit the modification request.

Also know, how do I change my acorn password? After logging in to your account, click on the menu (avatar) in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on “Profile & Settings” Scroll down, click on “Change Password” and follow the prompts to finalize your changes.

As many you asked, how do I change my U of T email? If you are a student, you need to change it with ACORN. If you are a member of staff or faculty, you should contact Human Resources. After you have changed your surname in the University records, to update your email address with your new surname, go to the UTORid management page and click on change your email address.

Best answer for this question, where can I find my UTORid? If you know your e-mail address and password, you can use them to log into the “Get Information” section of the UTORid Management page. Your UTORid will be the first piece of information displayed. Alternatively, if you have a TCard, your UTORid can be found on the left side of your TCard, just above the barcode.

Similarly, is UTORid same as student number? Overview. What is a UTORid? … For students, it’s the same as your JOINid, which you’ve received in previous communications, but once activated, your UTORid provides access to additional online services.

  1. Go to UTORid Management.
  2. Click on change your password under Password and Account Management.
  3. Enter in your UTORid and password.
  4. Click on Authenticate.
  5. Enter your new password twice.
  6. Click on Submit the modification request.

How do I change my blue acorns password?

If you need to reset your password, head to On the top right-hand corner of the page, click ‘Log In’ and select the ‘Forgot Password? ‘ link. Enter the email address associated with your account, and click the blue ‘Send Reset Instructions’ button.

How do I set up my utoronto email on my Android?

  1. Open the Play store, find Microsoft Outlook and tap Install.
  2. Open Outlook once it’s finished installing. Tap Get Started.
  3. Type your email address and tap Continue.

How do I access my U of T email?

In order to access your University of Toronto email address, you will need to submit a TCard Permission Letter. When you are activating your UTORid, you will be asked if you want to activate a U of T email account. You will not be able to activate an email account, without an active UTORid.

How do I change my name at U of T?

The University of Toronto has a simple way for students to have their name and/or gender changed on their academic records. Simply go to your Registrar’s Office and request the Change of Name or Gender Request Form. You are able to change your name and/or your gender without legal documentation.

How do I get my UTORid password?

Go to and follow the First Time Users ‘activate your UTORid’ link. Enter your JOINid + Secret Activation Key. Set up your UTmail+ email address*. Set up your UTORid password reset and account management options.

How do I pick up my TCard?

To activate your UTORid, you will require a Secret Activation Key (SAK) which can be found at the top of your POWER registration record. If you wish to get a TCard, request an in-person appointment by emailing the TCard Office with: Name & UTORid. Reason for the need to have a physical TCard issued.

How do I recover my UTORid?

Go to UTORid Management and select reset your forgotten password under Password and Account Management. If you chose the Alternate Email Address option, the next screen will ask for a Security Code, which has been sent to your alternate email address (note: this message is valid for 15 minutes).

When can I pick up my TCard?

Starting December 1, Winter 2022 students can get their UTORid and must be Registered to get a TCard. Don’t wait until the last minute – activate your UTORid as soon as possible! Skip the start-of-term rush and get access to all your U of T online resources now.

Where can I use my TCard?

  1. As an identification card for exams, voting on campus, and student discounts.
  2. As a library card.
  3. For printing and photocopying.
  4. To gain access to University of Toronto facilities such as athletic facilities.

What do I need to bring to my TCard appointment?

  1. Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card.
  2. Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada.
  3. Nexus Card.
  4. Passport (Canadian or International)
  5. Permanent Resident (PR) Card issued by the Government of Canada.
  6. Provincial Driver’s License (Canadian)
  7. Provincial Photo Card (Canadian)

How do I delete my U of T account?

What if I don’t want a U of T email account? You can email to have your account deleted.

How do I log into U of T WIFI?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi is turned off turn it on.
  3. From the list of available networks select UofT.
  4. You will be prompted for your user name and password. Type your UTORid and password in the appropriate fields. Tap Join.

Can I change my email on Blue Acorn?

To change your email address, head to the Account Info section of your Account Settings. Select ‘Edit’ to update the email address or password associated with your account, and click ‘Update’ to save your changes.

How do I add my Utoronto email to Gmail?

  1. Fire up the Android Email client app.
  2. Press the Menu button on your Android device.
  3. Choose “Add Account”.
  4. Fill in your full email address ( and current password.

How do I add my UOFT email to my Iphone?

  1. Log in with your UTORid and password.
  2. From the Home screen, choose Settings, then Mail.
  3. Click Accounts, then Add Account.
  4. Tap the Microsoft Exchange option near the top of the list.

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