Frequent answer: How much is bus fare in toronto for students?

U of T students get discounted rates on TTC Student Monthly Metropasses.

Subsequently, how much do students pay for Presto? The card costs $5.25 (cash only). Tap your PRESTO card every time you enter a subway station and whenever you board a bus or streetcar.

You asked, how do you get student discount on Presto?

  1. Get a GO-approved student ID either through GO Transit or at your school.
  2. Pick up a re-loadable PRESTO card.
  3. For PRESTO, set up your card for student fares in order to get discounts.
  4. Remember to always travel with your GO-approved student ID and show it for fare inspection.

Best answer for this question, how much does a bus ticket cost in Toronto? A TTC day pass is sold as a PRESTO Ticket and priced at $13.50. It gives you total freedom to travel the system in any direction all day long with as many stops as you wish. The only exception is that on Downtown Express Routes add fares are still required as per the table below.

Also the question is, what is TTC 12 month pass? The TTC 12 Month Pass is a 12-month agreement that offers a discounted rate on monthly passes, for PRESTO customers who have an account. When you sign up for a TTC 12 Month Pass, you will be billed monthly (on the 23rd) and your pass will automatically renew at the end of the 12-month term.

What is Presto monthly pass?

Monthly transit pass You can load your PRESTO card with an Adult or Senior MiWay monthly pass. This is valid for unlimited travel on MiWay during a calendar month. Current month’s passes are available for the first 14 days of the month. Next month’s passes are available 14 days prior to the end of the month.

How do college students get around?

Walking. Arguably the most common means by which college students get around campus is by foot. This is especially true of small campus towns, where practically everything is within walking distance. There are numerous instances where students that live on-campus travel by foot.

How do I get into University of Toronto?

Is child PRESTO free?

The TTC issues child cards to enable its policy allowing children 12 and under to ride free, which was implemented in 2015. Although kids don’t have to pay, the only way to access the subway is by tapping a Presto card to open the fare gates.

How do I activate my student PRESTO card?

You can activate your card online, or through our Chat feature, or by calling PRESTO at 1-877-378-6123 and following the automated instructions. It can take up to 24 hours to process your activation.

Can you use one PRESTO card twice?

Yes. PRESTO cards can be shared, however, can only be used by one person at a time. Two people cannot travel at the same time using one PRESTO card as the Fare Payment Device will only deduct one fare per ride on GO Transit.

Does Sobeys have student discount?

Students, Save 10% every Tuesday. Present your valid Student ID card and AIR MILES Card for 10% off meals and groceries*! FREE Compliments Spring Water 40 pack when you spend $50 or more in a single transaction.

Does Loblaws have student discount?

Loblaws and Metro both have student discount days on Tuesdays and Thursdays where students get 10 per cent off their purchases on food. Loblaws also has the optimum rewards card, in which you get points and deals weekly for both Loblaws and Shoppers.

What does PS1 mean on PRESTO?

From what I read on GO, I must get my presto card set to take post secondary student fares (PS1) and get a go approved student ID.

How much does a school bus cost?

New buses can cost anywhere from $90,000 to $290,000, depending on the type. Most schools need to apply for financing and grants to cover their fleet renewal costs. The added investment can be worth the price with lower initial maintenance costs and longer service life out of every vehicle.

How much is transport in Toronto?

Single rides on all TTC transit costs CA$3.25 (roughly $2.50), but if you’re planning to rely on public transportation for more than just the occasional ride, it’s a good idea to purchase a day- or week-long pass. Day passes cost CA$12.50 (less than $10) and weekly passes cost CA$43.75 (about $34).

How do you pay for bus in Canada?

Do Presto cards expire?

PRESTO cards no longer expire, even if there is an expiry date shown on the card (you may continue to use your card even after any indicated expiry date).

Do I need to tap my Presto card twice?

When you tap on, the system deducts the default trip fare, so you don’t have to tap a second time when you get off at your default destination. This means even more time saved with PRESTO.

How do I use my Presto card in Toronto?

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