Can ottawa presto card be used in toronto?

You can use your PRESTO card across 11 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ottawa area. By using PRESTO you’re also eligible for discount fare trips on participating transit services.

As many you asked, what cities use PRESTO? The Presto card (stylized as PRESTO) is a contactless smart card automated fare collection system used on participating public transit systems in the province of Ontario, Canada, specifically in Greater Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa.

Furthermore, is Presto card transferable? Yes, PRESTO cards are transferable between riders. If you are using a card that has a Child, Youth or Senior fare type, you must also be eligible for any discounted fares set on the card.

Similarly, why is PRESTO so bad? The Presto card is notoriously unreliable and fails to achieve the goals TTC aimed to achieve. Being often out of service is an economic burden and presents a major source of frustration during rush hour. This along with other inconveniences allows those who are inconvenienced to skip fares.

Also know, can I use Presto card to Mississauga? PRESTO Service Locations – where you can buy a PRESTO card or load funds – are now available across the Greater Toronto Area, including 29 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Mississauga. … Most of our customers are already using PRESTO when taking MiWay.Yes, your PRESTO card can be used on any of the 11 participating transit agencies in Ontario, including OC Transpo in Ottawa.

Can I load Presto card at Shoppers Drug Mart?

in person at participating Shoppers Drug Mart stores, PRESTO self-serve machines or Fare Vending Machines in TTC and GO stations, through the PRESTO App, online at or at the Transit Agency Customer Service Counters. … Up next: PRESTO fits your schedule! >

How do I use my Presto card in Toronto?

How do I transfer my Presto card to another account?

If you purchase a new card in person from a Customer Service Outlet, you can transfer your balance online or by phone at 1-877-378-6123. Please do not register your new card or add a period pass, or set up Autoload/Autorenew as this is done automatically for you as part of the card replacement process.

How do I transfer my Presto card?

Can you use Presto without registering?

Sign into My PRESTO Signing in without an account only lets you check your balance and access limited features. Create a PRESTO Account to get the most out of your PRESTO card.

How do I use my PRESTO card on the streetcar?

Does Brampton Transit take PRESTO?

Brampton Transit passes can be loaded onto a PRESTO card at Brampton Transit terminals/facilities or online at … Using a PRESTO card simplifies fare payments. No more cash, paper tickets or passes to worry about.

Does the TTC go to Mississauga?

Mississauga is one of several different GTA-905 municipalities, led by the TTC, which will look at different service integration options.

Does Presto work in Guelph?

Guelph Transit continues to offer the PRESTO card co-fare. The co-fare time-of-use window for PRESTO cardholders is from the start of service to 7:30 a.m. and from 5:40 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., regular weekday service only.

Does Niagara transit use Presto?

You can take GO transit to Niagara Falls with a Presto Card.

Does Barrie Transit take Presto?

We will accept PRESTO as a visual pass for free bus travel to the GO train. When connecting to the GO Train, your Barrie Transit ride is free if you have GO Transit ticket or Presto Fare Card and your ride is within 30 minutes of arrival or departure train times at Allandale Waterfront or Barrie South GO stations.

Can you use your Presto card right away?

You can use your PRESTO card immediately, and your card can be added to a My PRESTO Account within 24 hours. Never buy a card or try to load funds or passes through an unauthorized seller.

Does Waterloo use Presto?

Daily service between from the University of Waterloo to the entire GO Transit Bus & Rail system throughout Southern Ontario. Presto Fare Card available and reloading at the Turnkey Desk.

Can you buy a Presto card at Pearson airport?

PRESTO is an electronic payment card that you can use to pay your transit fare, instead of using cash, tickets or tokens. … You can buy PRESTO cards at vending machines and at UP Express customer service counters at the airport.

Is PRESTO valid for 2 hours?

With PRESTO you get two hours to travel in any direction on the TTC with each payment. When you start your trip and tap your PRESTO card, your fare will be deducted and a two-hour transfer will automatically be applied to your card.

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