Sidi Bettach: An imbalance in water distribution could be observed during Aid Al-Adha

The National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) said on Tuesday that given the high demand for drinking water in summer, especially during the period of Aid Al-Adha, an imbalance in the distribution could be observed at the level of the center of Sidi Bettach in the province of Benslimane.

This imbalance could be manifested by a decrease in pressure or by possible ruptures, specified the Benslimane service agency reporting to the regional directorate of the ONEE Center.

In addition, the same source recalled that the work of the project dedicated to strengthening the production of drinking water for the benefit of the Sidi Bettach center, from Sidi Yahia Zaer, has reached a very advanced level.

The gradual commissioning of this project is scheduled for early August, added the Benslimane service agency.

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