Prosecutors called on to ensure the smooth running of the elections

The President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office called on the King’s Attorneys General at the Courts of Appeal and the King’s Prosecutors at the Courts of First Instance to ensure the conduct of the next elections, in a climate of probity and credibility.

In a circular relating to the next electoral deadlines, the President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office insisted on the central role of justice in supporting the elections and their conduct in free and healthy conditions, so as to consolidate confidence and confidence in all citizens and achieve “electoral security”.

The legislator has assigned important prerogatives to justice during all stages of the elections, from the stage of registration in the electoral rolls, to the repression of offenses, including the examination of appeals presented against the administrative commissions in charge of revision operations, the press release reads.

Prosecutors responsible for the smooth running of the elections

To this end, the President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office urged the judicial officials to ensure that they take all the necessary measures to support and monitor all planned electoral operations, in particular by ensuring permanence throughout the period of these deadlines, in the purpose of receiving complaints relating to the elections and carrying out any inquiries relating thereto with speed and efficiency.

It is also a question of applying the repressive legal provisions related to the elections, the presentation of the refractory to justice and the coordination with the services of the judicial police for the creation of special brigades during the whole period of the elections.

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“Considering the major importance of these instructions in the success of the next electoral deadlines, I urge you to respect them, to ensure to communicate them to all the magistrates under your authority and to advise me of what could hinder their respect” , insists the president of the Public Ministry.

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