Naval Groupe vs Fincantieri or the Moroccan frigates of discord

About ten days ago, Italian press sources disclosed the existence of negotiations between the Kingdom and the Italian company Fincantieri to provide the Royal Navy with FREMM units (European Multi Mission Frigate) Carlo Piragamini in his version. anti-submarine.

This was part of a plan to strengthen the Royal Navy fleet to meet the new challenges imposed by the expansion of the Kingdom’s maritime space, and to apprehend the growing risks for our large maritime field.

The leaders of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and consequently of the Royal Navy worked under a project known as OMEGA to supply the Moroccan military fleet with combat units.

Of these devices, the Kingdom already has a French FREMM (stealth frigate Fremm Mohammed VI) supplied by Naval Group, in service with the Royal Moroccan Navy since 2014). Moreover, Naval Group is already working on an infrastructure recovery project in the port of Casablanca, Morocco’s second largest, in order to carry out maintenance on Moroccan military ships (three Sigma corvettes sold by the Dutch Schelde and the multi-frigate FREMM missions) as well as foreign vessels.

Fincantieri, the formidable competitor

But here it is, the formidable competitor of Naval Group on the export markets is none other than its partner… Fincantieri. And for good reason, the Italian industrialist never stops winning the contracts for his order form. Let’s judge! In view of the markets lost by the French industrial group.

After snatching the markets of Egypt and Indonesia, the Italian shipyard is currently targeting the sale of the FREMM frigates to Morocco. And that’s not all, he has Greece and Saudi Arabia in his sights. Also in front of this hemorrhage, France decided to react.

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It is that in the surface military buildings, Fincantieri is undeniably leading the race at the moment, it outclasses its partner by even hitting the United States with 17 commanded units, some of which have already been supplied. Fincantieri, to do this is supported by the Italian Caisse des Dépôts (Cassa depositi e prestiti 80% owned by the Italian State) it is a lesser evil unlike Naval Group which does not enjoy as much state largesse.

Lost markets for Naval Group

The Italian shipyard is therefore discussing with Morocco the sale of two anti-submarine warfare FREMMs that the Royal Navy wishes to acquire in order to increase its defense and intervention capabilities at sea, whether in the Mediterranean ( from its naval base in Ksar Sghir) than on its Atlantic coast, where Rabat plans to build a new home port for its ships in Safi by 2025.

If it succeeded, this operation would have enough to enrage Naval Group. Also, the latter made the decision to send a delegation to Morocco at the beginning of next week to see if the Italians are pushing for an unwanted proposal or will Morocco really launch negotiations and try to counter the problem. more in a hurry.

This is absolutely good for our Royal Armed Forces (FAR) who are seeking to ally themselves with the GRSE, India’s main industrial supplier of warships for the supply of armaments to the Royal Navy. According to a report from the Indian Department of Defense, the leader of the Indian naval industry, the GRSE, has contacted the Moroccan authorities with a view to obtaining their agreement for the supply of different classes of warships to the Kingdom.

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