Mehdi Qotbi proud of the donation of the Youssoufi family to the FNM

He is one of the Kingdom’s most respected iconic figures. He dedicated his life to his country and defended his cause until his last breath. In a very generous act, the former Prime Minister, the late Abderrahmane Youssoufi, had bequeathed, during his lifetime, all of his property accumulated during his life with his wife Hélène Youssoufi, to the National Museum Foundation of Morocco ( FNM) and Archives du Maroc. The details.

This is a first in the history of Morocco. The FNM announced that the late Abderrahmane Youssoufi had donated his movable and immovable property accumulated during his 72-year life together with his wife Hélène Youssoufi, to the museum foundation.

It is a source of pride for Morocco and for the FNM. The late Abderrahmane Youssifi and his wife Hélène donated all their property to the National Museum Foundation. Whether it is their house in Cannes or Casablanca, their cars, their bank accounts… everything will be donated to the National Museum Foundation. At the same time, we will sign a second agreement so that all the personal documents of Feu Youssoufi retracing his political career, are returned to the Archives of Morocco.“, Confided to us with joy, Mehdi Qotbi, president of the FNM.

The signing ceremony for the confirmation of this donation will take place on Monday, July 19 at the headquarters of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), informs us Mehdi Qotbi, president of the FNM. And it is the widow of the former first secretary of the USFP, Hélène Youssoufi, who will sign the confirmation of this donation which will be transferred upon her death, in the presence of several officials.

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The signing ceremony will thus be attended by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Othman El Firdaous, the President of the CNDH, Amina Bouyach, the Director General of the Archives of Morocco, Jamaa Baida, and finally the friend of Youssoufi and his legatee, Mbarek Bouderka.

In addition to the signing of the confirmation of the donation of all the property of the Youssoufi family, Hélène Youssoufi, will also confirm during the ceremony, the donation for the benefit of the Archives of Morocco, of all the documents retracing her political journey initiated since the 1950s. An added value for Morocco, and from which all Moroccans will certainly benefit.

The FNMM thus indicated that, shortly before the disappearance of the deceased, the Youssoufi couple had expressed their desire to bequeath all of their property to the FNM for the development of culture in Morocco. An act that testifies “Of immense generosity, altruism and patriotism of the late Abderrahmane Youssoufi and illustrates his commitment to the development of culture and its accessibility by everyone “Supported the FNMM in a statement made public on the occasion.

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