World Bank releases $ 100 million to help Morocco

In order to help Morocco to better cope with the repercussions of natural disasters, the World Bank has approved funding of $ 100 million.

The funding will be used to strengthen an existing $ 200 million program focused on resilience and integrated disaster risk management, improving the capacities of Moroccan institutions in disaster risk management and investing in risk reduction. , the Washington-based financial institution said in a statement.

“By protecting its population and its economy against natural hazards, Morocco could save more than 800 million dollars per year”said Jesko Hentschel, World Bank’s director of operations for the Maghreb.

“Given its vulnerability to climate threats, it is essential that Morocco invest in improving its resilience in the face of natural disaster risks. This funding will allow the continuation of the disaster risk management program, which is focused on results, with the objective of protecting the most vulnerable populations of the country ”, he stressed.

“The objective of this new operation is to strengthen the impact of investments in risk reduction, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of these investments”, explained Philipp Petermann, disaster risk management specialist and project team leader.

“The program will accelerate results on the ground by building on the reforms already implemented by the Kingdom with the support of the World Bank. It will also endeavor to promote disaster risk management that takes into account gender and equality issues ”, he added.

The initial program has already contributed to strengthening Morocco’s resilience to natural disasters. In particular, it has transformed an emergency disaster response fund into a national resilience fund that currently co-finances more than 150 strategic investments aimed at reducing climate risks, ranging from flood protection infrastructure to water systems. early warning, through risk mapping and capacity building. The initial program also supported a national disaster risk management strategy, another step forward in strengthening the Moroccan institutional framework governing disaster risk management.

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In recent years, the World Bank has stepped up its support to Morocco in disaster risk management, particularly in the form of financial assistance and specialized technical advice.

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