the Arab Parliament takes up the cause of Morocco

The special meeting in Cairo was decided with full responsibility to express the solidarity and support of the Arab parliament in Morocco which is facing a crisis in which the European Parliament has interfered in “an unjustified manner”, indicated Adel ben Abderrahman Al -Assoumi, president of the Arab body, who recalls that the Arab parliamentary body had warned, asking its European counterpart to refrain from intervening in this crisis which must be resolved in the bilateral framework, between Morocco and Spain.

According to Adel ben Abderrahman Al-Assoumi, the stubbornness of the European Parliament to interfere in the Moroccan-Spanish crisis by taking sides for a cause requires serious and energetic Arab action in response.

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“The stubbornness of the European Parliament to move forward in its provocative positions on Arab issues, in addition to the last resolution, rejected en bloc, now requires serious Arab action”, he added before reiterating the firm condemnation of this resolution which contains unfounded accusations about the Kingdom’s policy on migration.

The Arab Parliament says it does not conceive of this fierce determination of the European Parliament to take for itself a bilateral crisis that can be resolved by diplomatic means and direct bilateral negotiations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain.

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