Spain considered a military deployment in Sebta

The plan proposed by the army provided for a rapid deployment of a light contingent in Ceuta to ensure there temporarily, the defense of the autonomous city. The army’s aim was to send a strong “message” to Morocco, after it allowed migrants to enter Ceuta en masse between May 17 and 19.

The Ministry of Defense, a member of the crisis unit set up by the government of Pedro Sanchez, devised this plan which consists in deploying in Ceuta and Melilla a staff of around one hundred officers from the Legion, in particular from the Brigade “King Alfonso XIII”, and the unit in charge of the special operations of the Legion (BOEL), under the pretext of “routine military exercises”, informs OKDIARIO, citing military sources. Maneuvers which, it seems, were planned before the crisis, and the workforce should fall back once the crisis has subsided.

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Such a presence would not worsen the crisis, according to Sanchez’s cabinet. The action to be taken, explained the Ministry of Defense, is called in military jargon a “gray zone”. It is in fact a veiled threat, with no intention of opening up an armed conflict. La Moncloa rejected this proposal and preferred the diplomatic channel for the settlement of the crisis.

Last week, Spanish military planes were seen in the sky over Ceuta, raising concern and questions from residents, in this period of crisis with Morocco.

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