Morocco helped Spain thwart deadly attacks

José Bono, former Spanish Minister of Defense, and also former head of the intelligence services said that the Moroccan secret services provided useful information to their Spanish counterparts who managed to thwart several deadly attacks.

“Several dozen deadly attacks have been avoided in Spain thanks to the Moroccan secret services,” said the former senior Spanish official in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo. According to him, the contribution of the Moroccan secret services to the abortion of several terrorist attacks is enormous. All of which leads him to say that Morocco is a strategic partner for Spain.

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The former Spanish minister recalled that his country had a privileged and excellent cooperation relationship with Morocco in the security field. He deplores the cooling of relations between Rabat and Madrid. Tensions caused by the reception of the leader of the Polisario in Spain under a false identity. José Bono also recalled that Brahim Ghali is the target of several complaints for very serious crimes. He called on his country to create the conditions for a peaceful relationship of trust with the kingdom.

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