Abdelmadjid Tebboune haunted by Morocco

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune weighs in and signs. His hatred of Morocco and Moroccans has gone beyond the limits of understanding. In Algeria or Morocco, his last two interviews for foreign media do not pass. And for good reason, his statements are dangerous.

Never had a statesman been so hateful, so aggressive towards another country, what is more, a neighboring country with which he shares several kilometers of borders and a common historical social and cultural heritage.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune gave himself in two interviews to a speech that contravenes all diplomatic customs and practices by shamelessly displaying his hatred of Morocco, of its King, of its people, so much so that his words were denounced by journalists and Algerian political analysts, and by the Algerian people themselves who do not understand all this vehemence towards a neighbor without history.

In Morocco, if Abdelmadjid Tebboune was disappointed, he did not surprise, however, because this is not the first time that the character has engaged in an exercise of insults targeting the kingdom and its national causes. In Algeria, his remarks caused controversy, because not only did he attack Moroccans but he also attacked Algerians, Hirak, which has lasted since 2019 and that he only succeeded in stifling. strength and lies.

Whether it is Hirak or Morocco, the Algerian head of state (elected in 2019 at the end of a ballot shunned by the whole country and which several circles today still believe that he was assembled from scratch by the reigning institution in Algeria, the military) made remarks unworthy of a President of a Republic and if they bear witness to only one thing, it is his incompetence.

A few days before the anticipated legislative elections that he pushed in Algeria to seize power and eliminate the opposition, his provocation of the Algerians looks like an incitement to the anger of the street for a new boycott and thus leave the field open to parties in the pay of the power to take possession of Parliament.

On the subject of the Sahara, the main and only subject of contention between Rabat and Algiers, the Algerian president went far, comparing the territorial integrity of Morocco, – which all the Moroccan people have been claiming for years and for which he had to hunt the Spanish occupier – on a whim, and attacked the King of Morocco head-on, without the slightest consideration for diplomatic customs.

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“How can you think of offering a monarch an entire territory, with all its population? Where is the respect for the peoples? This recognition does not mean anything. All Security Council resolutions regarding Western Sahara are presented by the United States. We cannot go back, verbally, on everything that was done by Washington to please a king, ”he told Le Point.

And while he affirms that the file is and must be managed by the United Nations, Tebboune in a double speech, he continues to interfere in the file, not only verbally but also in practice, by playing devil’s advocate.

“Tebboune says that the Sahara affair is handled by the UN, it’s true, so why is Algeria sending Brahim Ghali with its own money to Spain? Brahim Ghali went to Spain aboard an Algerian presidential plane, he returned to Algeria in a French plane paid for by Algeria. It is Algeria which negotiated his hospitalization in Spain, it is not the UNO ”, asked the journalist Abdou Semmar of Algeria Part.

And to exclaim “why Algeria only helps the Polisario?” Why the humanism of Algeria can only be summed up in the Polisario. It does not mean anything! “. “It is a President of the Republic who contradicts himself. There are contradictions between what he says and the behaviors he adopts in reality. It’s called schizophrenia ”.

“Why do Moroccans refuse self-determination? Because they carried out an ethnic change which has its consequences: the Sahrawis inside Western Sahara are today in the minority compared to the Moroccans who settled there. In the event of a vote for self-determination, Moroccans living in Saharawi territory will vote for independence because they will no longer want to be the king’s subjects. It is paradoxical to have a Moroccan majority and to refuse the self-determination vote, ”the Algerian president told Le Point. Surrealist statements that no sane person who knows Morocco would dare to say and yet.

But for Tebboune, ridicule does not kill, and in his interviews, he drives the point home again by claiming to want to engage in a dialogue while at the same time, he sends his military troops to make demonstrations of force towards the borders with Morocco, launches a war on Algerian companies that collaborate with Moroccan companies, and drives Moroccan farmers from land they have cultivated for years under the pretext that they are part of the Algerian border.

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“These are extremely serious statements,” said Algerian journalist Abdou Semmar. “I do not understand, on the one hand, you say that you want to negotiate, and on the other hand you carry out military exercises all the time in Tindouf and Béchar by exposing all the weapons of the Algerian army. For what reasons? He asked himself.

“Do you want to wage war against Morocco or do you negotiate and dialogue with it?” When you want to dialogue, you don’t spend your time showing your muscles, ”he said, indicating that Morocco, faced with these signals, understands that Algeria is not looking for dialogue but is looking for hostilities.

“In this relationship, the honorable role returns to Algeria”, however boasted President Tebboune. “The break with Morocco – and I’m talking about the monarchy, not the Moroccan people, which we believe – goes back so long that it became commonplace,” he said again, showing his direct hostility to the King. Mohammed VI.

The Algerian president has not slipped only concerning Morocco in his last two interviews. In the Libyan file, he admitted that he wanted to send Algerian troops to the country, a highly dangerous statement which testifies to the real role of Algeria in this file, which is far from being an actor of peace, at the time. where Libya is in search of reconstruction. The dangerous statements also indirectly concerned Russia, Algeria’s main ally, but also Mali …

With these last two media interventions, the impression that Abdelmadjid Tebboune gave is that of a weak, small president who does not do justice to a large country like Algeria. By pouring into lies, lack of respect and provocation, Abdelmadjid Tebboune insults the past but above all the future of the two countries and the two peoples.

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