a Moroccan sentenced for death threats against his ex-girlfriend

“I am going to leave you in a pool of blood, give you pump shots in the head, beat you up, you will fall into a coma”. This brief excerpt from the 5-minute and 28-second call recording almost exclusively made up of these violent remarks, uttered in January 2021 by the defendant, a Moroccan living in Courbevoie towards the mother of his two children, testifies to the deleterious climate that – this has suffered, report Actu.fr.

At the bar without a lawyer on June 9, the defendant defends himself: “She knows me by heart and she annoys me. Her conversations, we don’t have them. She manipulated me, I would never have executed it ”. “For him, these are threats but me, I have no certainty that he will not take action. The only way I can be at ease is to go through you. I took advantage of the call to record it, because it needed proof, ”says his ex-partner.

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Besides this recording, there were also messages of insults and threats. She had deposited four handrails in May 2013. She explained that the defendant had hit her several times and wanted to take their 10-year-old daughter to Morocco. “If I didn’t have him, I had nothing in my life. I always hoped he understood, but it never happened, and it got worse, ”says the mother.

Without a job, without housing, in debt, this agoraphobic lives with his parents. He has 20 records on his criminal record, including assault, repeated alcoholic behavior, without a license, theft, use of forgery, drug trafficking and active corruption. The former catering employee complains that the mother “prevents him from seeing his children”. The public prosecutor called for a year and a half in prison, including a six-month suspension and an internship in the fight against violence within a couple.

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The verdict is in: the thirty-something was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, including six months that could be converted into semi-liberty and one year with a two-year probationary suspension. He is obliged to treat his alcohol dependence, to find work or training, to pay € 2,000 to his ex-partner for moral damage and legal costs. Likewise, he is forbidden to have any contact with the victim except in front of the police station to see his children.

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