Morocco is preparing to open its borders with Spain

From June 15, Morocco will open its maritime borders with Spain, exclusively, to accommodate more than 12,000 Moroccan seasonal workers who leave each year across the strait and more exactly to the Huleva region to work in the fields. of strawberries and red berries. This opening of maritime borders comes to avoid the scenario of last year, when a large number of seasonal workers found themselves stranded in Spain, at their own expense, after the borders were closed.

According to Spanish media, the process of transporting these Moroccan workers, which will take three to four trips, will be from the port of Algeciras to the port of Tangier.

In this sense, it should be remembered that Spain this year welcomed around 12,700 seasonal workers hired as part of the circular migration campaign between the two kingdoms, and who work mainly in Huelva. As of May 19, around 100 seasonal workers returned to Morocco early due to personal or family circumstances. As of June 15, 12,038 seasonal workers will follow, according to data provided by the Spanish Minister of State for Migration.

The same sources indicate that the transfer of seasonal workers was to start last month. However, and due to the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, this process has been postponed.

It was decided to transport Moroccan seasonal workers on board boats that will be hired by Spanish employers, while Moroccan seasonal workers will pay the price of the tickets.

It should be noted that Spain has launched the process of vaccination of Moroccan workers. There are some who have benefited from the American “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, which requires only one dose, which will facilitate the transfer process. The rest of the seasonal workers will therefore have to take a PCR test.

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The Union of Small Farmers of Andalusia had previously expressed confidence in diplomacy and negotiations between Spain and Morocco so that more than 12,000 Moroccan seasonal workers working in the strawberry fields in the Huelva region can return home. when their contracts expire.

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