MEPs distance themselves from EP vote

The European Parliament voted on Thursday for the resolution presented by Spain on “Morocco’s use of migration in general and of minors in particular as an instrument of political pressure” against Madrid.

Adopted by 397 votes in favor, 85 against and 196 abstentions, the text rather consensual and essentially wishing to recall that Sebta is an external border of the EU, whose protection and security concern the Union as a whole.

But beyond that, the vote on Thursday, with its record abstention rate, above all reflects the controversial nature of the pushed resolution, by dint of frenzied lobbying, but which does not necessarily achieve unanimity within the ‘hemicycle.

The resolution carried by Spain was supported by 4 groups, namely the popular, the socialists, the liberals and the greens. In other words, groups with known and recognized xenophobic doctrines.

However, several MEPs were quick to distance themselves from the text, which according to them shows to what extent the 27 are incapable of playing the political role that should be theirs.

This is how the Belgian MEP, Frédérique Ries, indicated that she voted against the resolution because, she said, “it pillories our Moroccan strategic partner and remains silent on the responsibilities of the police. Spanish authorities in the violence reported by NGOs and for which the Spanish courts have opened an investigation ”.

For her, “effective and pragmatic diplomacy is anything but inflammatory diplomacy”.
The Danish Søren Gade also expressed his rejection of the text because it “does not reflect the reliable and close character of relations between Morocco and the EU”.

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“I decided not to vote in favor of the text. I think it is important to have reliable and close relations between Morocco and the European Union ”, he declared.

This position of rejection had already been expressed the day before the vote by MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, vice-president of the Christian Democratic Union (KDU-CSL), the Czech People’s Party, who pointed to an “aggressiveness that only seeks to hide successive errors ”.

“Madrid is doing everything to destabilize the only stable and peaceful country in the region”, he denounced, observing that “the Sanchez government by pushing aggressively for the adoption of a resolution of the EP against Morocco which does not seek only to hide its successive mistakes, leading the EU down this dangerous path ”.

“This sterile maneuver would lead to escalation instead of a chance for dialogue between two neighboring countries,” he said.

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