lawyers are grabbing soulalyate land

The phenomenon of the illicit sale of Soulalyate lands is becoming recurrent in the kingdom. Faced with this scourge favored by lawyers’ contracts, the Ministry of Justice indicated in a note dated June 4 that it had been warned by several “government departments”. Following complaints from frustrated “citizens”, investigations were carried out, and prove that “the phenomenon is beginning to take on great seriousness, and to cause growing concern,” said Mohamed Benabdelkder.

This practice consists of the illegal cession by members of the communities of Soulalyate lands “of which they had the enjoyment, for the benefit of persons outside the community”. What does not respect the law 62.17 relating to the administrative supervision over the Soulaliyate communities, reports Media24. “By examining the documents used, the ministry noted that in many cases, the operations are recorded by lawyers approved by the Court of Cassation within the framework of article 4 of the code of real rights”.

In the south of the country, this scourge is growing in legal circles and is even qualified as a “terrible fire” by the president of Agadir-Laâyoune-Guelmim, stressing that even arrests have been carried out. Since 2011, “all acts relating to the transfer of property or the creation of other real rights or their assignment, modification or removal must – under penalty of nullity – be established by official act or by act at a certain date established by a certified lawyer. near the Court of Appeal unless otherwise provided by law ”. To respect the law governing the property of Soulalyate communities, a special procedure has been put in place. And its failure can be punishable by imprisonment from 1 to 5 years or more.

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