Ghaligate: An accusation points the Spanish executive

A lawyer, Antonio Urdiales of his name, criticized the Spanish government for Brahim Ghali’s entry into Spain under cover of “humanitarian aid” and filed a complaint against the separatist for falsifying documents or using false passports, falsification and concealment, also defends the need to quantify the disbursement of public money for the stay of this individual in Spain.

Indeed, in a letter addressed to the head of the Investigating Court number 7 of the Aragonese capital, Rafael Lasala, the lawyer rejects that a “humanitarian” purpose can be used. He, in addition to Brahim Ghali, denounced foreign officials, Zaragoza airport for the same reasons.

Also, referring to article 318 bis of the Spanish Penal Code, he affirms that “those really responsible for these events could never invoke humanitarian aid as a cause of exemption from criminal liability”. In doing so, it relies on the provision which punishes with imprisonment from three months to one year or a fine anyone who “intentionally helps a person not a national of a Member State of the European Union to enter Spanish territory or to transit through it in a manner that violates the legislation on the entry or transit of foreigners ”.

This is precisely the justification that Pedro Sanchez’s government provided to protect Ghali’s entry into Spain.

The lawyer considers that the defense of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, to “justify the penal irrelevance of the fact” is “partial” since it is intended for immigrants in an irregular situation.

Ghali, he explains, “is not an irregular immigrant assisted at the border by Spanish officials for humanitarian reasons”. And stoking the fire, he rises crescendo by opting for the relevance of an accomplice approach: “It would not have been necessary to adopt a whole series of acts of concealment, nor the use of false identity documents to entry and subsequent stay ”without ulterior motives.

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For the prosecution, there are sufficient indications that “the entry into Spain and its subsequent transfer to Logroño are the result of a prior agreement” between Ghali himself, his companions and the Spanish authorities “or between the authorities Spanish and Algerian ”.

“Algeria and Spain prepared well in advance for the transfer of the separatist leader of the rasd, presenting him as a poor immigrant in need of humanitarian aid, thus guaranteeing the criminal irresponsibility of the perpetrators and accomplices”, he denounced.

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