EP: Record abstention but vote against Morocco

The European Parliament voted on Thursday for the resolution presented by Spain on “Morocco’s use of migration in general and of minors in particular as an instrument of political pressure” against Madrid.

If the text was approved, the abstention rate is record and says a lot about the differences within the European hemicycle on this issue.

Indeed, the text was approved by 397 votes in favor, 85 against and 196 abstentions.

If the document claims to reject the use of border controls and migration, and in particular, unaccompanied minors, as a means of exerting political pressure against a Member State of the Union, it is very much a consensus text. which recalls that Sebta is an external border of the EU, whose protection and security concern the Union as a whole.

He also reaffirms the EU’s position with regard to the Moroccan Sahara, the Union reiterating its support for the political process led by the United Nations to seek a negotiated solution to this conflict.

If the EU has chosen to side with Spain, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has welcomed the efforts made by Morocco on the migration issue, in particular the decision of King Mohammed VI, to facilitate the return. all Moroccan unaccompanied minors who are in an irregular situation in certain countries of the European Union.

The organization underlined, in a press release, that this decision “is part of the efforts of the Kingdom of Morocco and its humanitarian strategy aimed at ideally dealing with the issue of immigration in the Euro-African space. and strengthen the protection of migrants’ rights. “

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