Arab Parliament condemns hostile resolution against Morocco

The Arab Parliament condemned the resolution adopted on Thursday by the European Parliament with regard to Morocco, which contains senseless and unfounded criticism of the Kingdom’s policies on illegal immigration.

In a statement, the Arab Parliament criticized “the position of the European Parliament and its stubbornness in interfering in a bilateral crisis which can be resolved through diplomatic means and direct bilateral negotiations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain, passing besides the voice of reason and wisdom, including that of the Arab Parliament which nevertheless asked it to refrain from any unjustified interference in this bilateral crisis ”.

Noting that this decision exacerbates already existing tensions and consecrates the unacceptable haughty attitude in the treatment of questions related to Arab countries, the Arab Parliament urged the European institution to abandon this provocative approach that it recently advocated in the management of its relations with the Arab countries, which is at odds with the requirements of the expected strategic partnership between the Arab countries and the European countries.

The Arab Parliament has also expressed its rejection of this resolution which is in total contradiction with reality and which, moreover, totally ignores the great efforts that the Kingdom of Morocco is deploying in the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration. and human trafficking.

He also reiterated his firm and constant position of total solidarity with Morocco and rejection of anything that could harm it, affirming his unwavering support for the Kingdom in all the steps he takes in the face of these unjustified provocations.

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