A comeback with Amine K, Dj Unes and Dj Anass on the decks

Electronic Night is making a comeback. On the roof of the French Institute in Rabat with a splendid view of the Cathedral around the theme ” Garden of Eden“, The shooting of the 6th edition of the Electronic Night was launched with a limited number of guests.

On the bill, Dj Amine K, designer of the collective ” Moroko Loko“, Accompanied by Dj Unes and Dj Anass who set the decks on fire. There were also the circus artists from the Shems’y school, Hamza Alouani and Mohamed Makhloufi as well as the Casablanca grapher Ed Oner who designed a magnificent live canvas. The opportunity for the public to discover its renowned DJs and multidisciplinary artists during this unmissable event of the previous cultural seasons of the French Institute of Morocco, which will be broadcast on June 21 on the occasion of the festival of music.

For Dj Amine K, it is a return to life, an honor and a privilege to be here. “We are on the roof of the French Institute in Rabat with the cathedral behind which is a magnificent and historic monument of the capital. We have a really magnificent musical program with Anass, Unes and myself (…) And we have a magnificent audience, something we haven’t seen for a very long time. So yes, I am a happy man and then we are there “to put a smile to people face” and everyone is happy.“, Entrusted the Dj at the microphone of Hespress Fr.

Amine K, whose real name is Amine Akesbi, took advantage of Dame Covid to launch several projects, as he told us. Like everyone else, this health crisis was not a period of joy for him, but he was still able to surpass his “ demons And focus on the positive side of it.

I had just returned from a 3 month tour. I said to myself it’s cool, it’s the holidays. I will be spending time with my kids and friends. After three months, we realized that it was not a vacation. It started to get more and more complicated, financially or in terms of morals, depression… And then, since I’m someone who doesn’t get too depressed and who hates it. In September, I got motivated and I decided to take control and create things. So I created a lot of projects with wonderful people. I was lucky to be surrounded by creative and highly motivated people. I did a lot of music too. His projects are paying off, this music is being released and the world is finally lighting up. And me, all I take away from it all is positive »He told us with a big smile.

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Moro Loko, it’s coming soon

Regarding her plans for the future, Amine K tells us, honestly, that they are done at the last minute. ” Last week I played in Marrakech in a wonderful evening. And it made me feel good. I think it has been good for everyone. I am still in Morocco every June. Hopefully there are things that will get done, and I think they will. After the summer, I’m going to play in Europe as usual. Things are picking up too and it’s super cool. After the end of August I go to the USA, like every year“, He detailed to us.

The artist thus resumes his ” good habits ” which is ” awesome ” according to him. From September, things will pick up everywhere, he says. The opportunity for Amine K to do what he can do best. ” Take the Moroccan flag and walk around the world with a big smile“, He tells us.

However, the question that keeps coming back from his fans, is what about his baby ” Moroko Loko“. ” He’s still with me. A baby we never part with He says to us. ” We stopped by accident because there was the Covid. But the event will resume shortly, that’s for sure, but maybe in another form »He confides to us.

Electronic Night to celebrate the 2021 music festival

In a statement to Hespress Fr, the director of the IF in Rabat, Pierre-Huvert Touchard expressed his joy at finally being able to organize the Electronic Night at the French Institute in Rabat. ” It is obviously the possibility, thanks to the reduction of sanitary measures, to be able to accommodate a small public. Obviously it’s very limited, but we chose a place for this Electronic Night which is an atypical place since we had imagined this event with an even more limited audience on the roof of the French Institute in order to appreciate the rooftops of Rabat as one can appreciate the roofs of Paris. And of course, this place which is quite astonishing, it is the opportunity to be able to stage music with the three Dj of Moroko Loko who are under the roulette of Amine K“, Confides our interlocutor.

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It is also an opportunity, according to Mr. Touchard, to highlight not only the beauty of the city of Rabat but also the richness of its cultural expression. ” We therefore invited circus artists from the national circus school Shems’y and the grapher Ed Oner, a little glance at Casablanca, who is one of the currently recognized grapher on the graph scene in Morocco. He told us.

Thus, and in the short term, the IF of Rabat intends to resume its cinema programming after a shutdown that lasted nearly a year because of the pandemic. Which is obviously a very great moment underlines Mr. Touchard.

On June 13, we will have the very short film festival which is the 23rd edition of this French festival. And there will be a public vote. So it’s by invitation. This will be an opportunity to meet with around 40 countries around the world. Then on June 21, we will broadcast this concert that we are recording this evening for the music festival 2021. The Electronic Night is our music festival event. We will therefore edit this film in the coming days and broadcast it on the social networks of the IFM, the IF of Rabat and we have also registered this event on the platform of the French Institute in Paris. Countries that wish to broadcast this show and electronic music concert will be able to do so anywhere in the world.“, Concludes Pierre-Hubert Touchard.

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