Professionals bet on MRE, and fear that the imposed quarantine will scare them away

It is starting to get hot in Morocco. And with this heat and the restrictions that have been eased by the government, Moroccans have started to travel on the national territory to the delight of tourist operators. A gradual recovery has therefore been observed in cities in the south of the Kingdom in recent days, which has given hope to professionals in the sector most affected by the health crisis.

Thus, several hotels and inns in the southern region of the Kingdom experienced an average attendance of Moroccan tourists at the beginning of June, in particular the cities of Agadir, Ouarzazate and Marrakech. That said, hotel players are eagerly awaiting the reopening of the air borders in order to attract more foreign tourists.

Tourism operators are also counting on the arrival of Moroccans living abroad to turn the economic wheel and recover what was lost during the cessation of their activity. But Moroccan diplomacy has imposed on MRE classified in list B, which generally contains countries from Latin America and Asia, a quarantine of 10 days upon their arrival in the fold. A decision that created a wide debate on social networks and a lot of discontent on the side of the MRE wishing to see their family again and take advantage of their summer vacation in their mother country.

In this sense, several tourism actors have expressed their fear that this period of quarantine imposed on MREs, which remains their responsibility in addition to the plane tickets which remain expensive, especially for families composed of several members, does not constitute a brake on the latter and ultimately decide to opt for a destination other than Morocco.

On the other hand, professionals in the tourism sector in the cities of Tinghir, Ouarzazate, Midelt and Merzouga are counting on the arrival, from mid-June, of MRE, but also of foreign tourists in order to revive the tourism sector which has been on artificial respiration since last year. Especially since the southern and eastern regions are experiencing significant transfer of MRE during this period.

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Some tourist operators have also welcomed the decision to extend the curfew until 11 p.m. at the same time as the relaxation of restrictive measures, in addition to the issuance of the vaccine pass which allows Moroccans to move comfortably around the country. inside the national territory, but also abroad.

In addition, a category of tourist operators has expressed their dissatisfaction following the implementation of a night curfew which, according to them, does not correspond to visitors to coastal towns during the summer period, in particular in light of the adoption of GMT + 1, thus calling on the government to review the preventive measures in force.

Operation Marhaba 2021 will for its part contribute to the development of tourism activity in the Kingdom, after the government has decided to go ahead and organize this operation intended to cope with the growing influx of MRE on their return. in the country in summer.

It should be remembered that Morocco has announced the resumption of flights to and from Morocco from June 15, under conditions, with a view to the stability of the epidemiological situation and the advancement of the national anti-covid vaccination campaign.

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