Belgo-Moroccans can’t wait to join Morocco

After the announcement of the resumption of flights to and from Morocco from June 15 on “exceptional authorizations”, Belgo-Moroccans expressed their need to travel to the kingdom. Monday is the rush towards the Ramada Tours agency, specializing in flights to Morocco, in Laeken. “The phone just keeps ringing. We try to do our best to answer everyone. […] We had a lot of requests ”, declares to RTBF Leila, one of the counselors. In all, about twenty people received in less than an hour.

Closed long before the pandemic, the Laekenoise agency reopens its doors to the satisfaction of its customers. “It’s positive,” reacts Hassan, a client of the agency. “People who have heard this news like me are delighted and happy to return to a normal period, that we can return to Morocco, see our families again …” He intends to join the kingdom after three years of absence. “Yes, if all goes well. I have a ticket, a reservation that dates back to 2020. There was a blockage because of the corona. I have to modify it to be able to start again. I hope this will be accepted. I will insist anyway. […] I have family waiting for me: my mother, my sisters, my brothers… It is a relief to finally be able to see them. “

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Jawad also visited the agency. “Most people were waiting for this decision. Me, it’s been three years since I went to Morocco. If I leave, it’s by plane, for a week or ten days, no more, ”he confides. Nuheila is also delighted with the announcement from the Moroccan authorities, but soaring ticket prices are an obstacle for her and her family. “We were happy to hear the news. But the tickets are too expensive. We are a family of five. It is therefore not possible. We will stay in Belgium, ”she changed her mind after a long time in the agency.

On Sunday, the Moroccan authorities decided to resume flights to and from Morocco, on “exceptional authorizations” from June 15, in order to facilitate the return of Moroccans residing abroad (MRE). The kingdom has excluded Spain from Operation Marhaba, which marks the return of MREs to their country by road.

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