Abu Azaitar: Show me what you wear, I will tell you who you are

Abu Azaitar could have read “The Prince” by Nicholas Machiavelli. It is not a treatise on the use of power according to moral virtues that the privileged observer of the mechanics of Florentine power wrote, but rather on the way in which one can obtain power and above all, preserve it.

Abu Azaitar seems to have understood that among the means to reach a higher status, it is necessary to know how to elbows and to use the fear which inspires “the prince” by the deployment of his financial power and thus to mark the imaginations.

What could be more significant than the extraordinary collection of watches owned by Abu Azaitar to flaunt his “success” and instill an image of omnipotence? A collection that we estimated at least 25 Million dirhams, only on the basis of the posts in the social networks of the UFC fighter, installed in Morocco since April 2018.

“Men in general judge more by their eyes than by any other sense”, Machiavelli wrote quite rightly to add that “The vulgar are always taken by appearances”.

Abu Azaitar does not seem to bother with this kind of consideration. It measures the messages they disseminate sufficiently to, on the one hand, inspire fear in the “big boys” and on the other, seek “the love” of the people, in particular through charitable actions and this in contempt. of any form of morality. Indeed, what credibility can one claim when one distributes sacks of food to the penniless and destitute, a watch worth half a million dollars on the wrist?

Concluding each of his posts in social networks with “Alhamdulillah”, as if to convince himself of the correctness of what he is undertaking, will certainly not change anything.

When Abu Azaitar ‘exhibited’ his expensive watches

The manner in which Abu Bakr Azaitar poses in each of the photos showing a watch on his wrist says a lot about the feeling he wants to provoke in those who look at him. We are obviously not talking about the small people occupied, for a part, to earn hard their daily bread, especially in these difficult times of health crisis. For him, a watch is a watch, however large or shiny it may be.

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Many know the Rolex brand loved by the martial arts fighter who owns several. Moreover, true connoisseurs of luxury watches are beginning to abandon the Swiss brand, whose enthusiasts are now considered as followers rather than precursors because they would have only one motivation: to access the symbol provided by Rolex, a bit like Porsche for car enthusiasts who would climb a new step in their social ascent.

A “big” horological displacement to pass for a great of this world

But a watch is a visible business card with every handshake, and it can say a lot more about you than your LinkedIn page or even your car. In the sociology of luxury watch buyers, Abu Bakr Azaitar does more than just “pose” in his photos. In reality, he “exposes”.

We’re not into the fashion accessory or useful product that would tell you the time, knowing your cell phone does just as well. Neither are we in the precious watchmaking heritage which has a history and which would be passed down from generation to generation.

With Abu Azaitar, we are especially not in the discretion but in the “big” watchmaking displacement supposed to make you pass in the category of the big ones of this world. For all those who would come to meet him, these “big” Swiss watches will present him as an individual who has raised himself socially, someone of eminent importance.

The message conveyed by these rather very showy “bling-bling” pieces is: “look at me, do you know the price of what I’m wearing on my wrist? “.

He assumes this pomp and what he wears is there to remind him

Even more, its owner taunts you by telling you that he has the means, that he assumes and that what he is wearing is there to remind you. With the Audemars Piguet brands whose fighter owns at least 3 models whose prices range from 45,584 to 54,000 euros, it conveys a message specific to jet setters whose motivation is generally to have a luxury watch proportional to their annual income. . Except, here, that the fights of the German-Moroccan are far from bringing him so much money.

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Same message for the 4 Patek Philippe models proudly worn by the sportsman who can boast of being the proud owner of a Nautilus 5719 / 10G worth 411,227 euros or even the Nautilus 5980G / 1R-001 which costs no less than 205,319 euros.

Patek Philippe watches have the added feature of having the reputation of being the most powerful in the world, thanks to the precision of their in-house manufacture.

I am “armored”, I am a pensioner

With the Richard Mille brand, the message is that he is wealthy, “armored”; a kind of annuitant who can only be recognized by those who are as much as him, if not more.

Richard Mille watches are considered the F1 of luxury watchmaking with modern techniques and handcrafted finish. Abu Bakr Azaitar has at least 3 of the RM 011 series and their price makes you dizzy: 303,000, 391,000 and 399,070 euros. While wearing them, the martial arts fighter seems to say: “I am a great of this world and I have nothing to envy of those who are (really)”.

Abu Azaitar, who gives the feeling of being happy and proud of so many external signs of wealth, seems to forget that it is the individual and his personality that make the watch, not the other way around.

Perhaps there would be someone to tell him and make him read a bit of Julien Green who said: “Show me a happy man, I will show you smugness, selfishness, malignity (… ) ”.

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