Moulay Hafid Elalamy praises the food industry

After the industry meetings on aeronautics last March, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, organized on June 8, a second industry meeting dedicated to this one, to the agri-food industry which is a historical sector of the economy national and strategic for food security in Morocco tells us the tutelage.

Essential for Moroccans, it is a sector with multiple components, with high added value, a sector called to take up many challenges to consolidate its positioning on the national and international market, so this is all that was discussed in during this edition of Industry Meetings with Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy and in the presence of industry players, eminent industrialists.

These speakers had for names, Abdelmounim El Eulj, President of the National Federation of Agri-food (FENAGRI), Mohammed Fikrat President and CEO – COSUMAR, Hassan Khalil President – Moroccan Association of Industries of Food Pasta and Couscous (AMIPAC), Ayoub Azami Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – MARJANE Holding, Said Mouline Chief Executive Officer – Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), Rachid Sraidi, President – Association of Biscuit Makers, Chocolate Makers and Confectioners (AB2C), Amine Berrada Sounni, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – La Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie (AIGUEBELLE), Mohamed Saâd Berrada Managing Director – MICHOC, Amine EL Baroudi, Managing Director – Marrakech Fine Food, Adil El Eulj, Managing Director – Kenz Maroc, brahim Belkora Managing Director – Agro Juice Processing or even Tunisian Hatem Denguezli, Chairman and CEO – LAND’OR Industries Maroc. With a moderator in the name of Ouadih Dada, sure that there was quality on Tuesday.

The Minister, while praising the Morocco product, began by looking at the vital place of the agri-food industry in the national economy, a sector ” highly strategic “. ” The agro-food sector is a sector at the crossroads of two ministries which are the ministry of agriculture with the Green Morocco plan and the Halieutis plan and the ministry of industry which also works to be able to transform downstream all of its products. Finally the trade part of the ministry comes into play to be able to help, support the marketing of its extremely diversified products. “.

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And to highlight the history of the agro-food industry in Morocco, citing Cosumar, Lesieur or Centrale Laitière among others, which date back to the first fiftieth of the last century ” this is to tell you that this is a sector that was not born yesterday. Morocco has an industrial history, Morocco has a know-how that it has developed over the years thanks to ambitious coherent strategies with a vision and his majesty the King has given capital importance to this sector by granting it budgets. important support “. And back up his words with figures, ” As you can see, there are 2,100 companies working in this sector with 161,000 jobs for 161 billion dirhams of turnover, with 33 billion Dirhams practically dedicated to exporting it is very important and an added value of 39 billion “.

And Moulay Hafid Elalamy to continue “ To give you an idea, the OCP makes between 40 and 50 billion in exports it makes 21 billion in added value, while what the food industry does 39. This is important because for us OCP is the most beautiful Moroccan industrial house and we would like all industrial sectors to be able to overtake it in an extremely healthy competition. This sector affects food security for the Kingdom and as everyone knows, it is essential. We need to work, it is not only agricultural production or deep sea or coastal fishing that can give the result but it is a set of transformations that create this added value so important. The new development model (CSMD) made reference to it by underlining its importance a few days ago and unsurprisingly it emphasized a strategic sector for the Moroccan economy ”.

“Finally, this sector played an incredible role, I say incredible during the period of this Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the world, you have seen the shelves in mass distribution which were often empty because the production line could not be there. In Morocco we didn’t lack for anything and the main reason is that we have operators of which I am proud of their nationalism and patriotism, we have operators at the highest level who have rolled up their sleeves, who have worked to that Morocco lacks nothing, the Kingdom is very proud of it “.

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