no crisis for the rental market

The long-term rental market is still on the rise. The latest statistics from the mubawab portal on the real estate rental sector show, in the first quarter of the year, an unchanged trend of the rental price index compared to the last tensiometer, reports Today Morocco. According to the explanations of the newspaper, “the observations which come back from the rental blood pressure monitor of Mubawab correspond to housing intended exclusively for habitation and rental, announced on the portal between January 2021 and March 2021. And this, with the exception of goods for commercial use, land, farms, riads and goods for sale ”.

According to these figures, renting an empty apartment costs on average 7,560 dirhams per month in Morocco. As for the rental of furnished apartments, it costs on average 8,140 DH per month. Anyone wishing to rent an apartment at a reduced price can find one in Khouribga (1,100 DH), Fkih Ben Salah (1,500 DH) and Taroudant (1,550 DH). The most expensive rents are in Casablanca (8,550 DH), Rabat (8,900 DH) and Bouskoura (10,200 DH).

As for the cost of renting the villas, it amounts to 24,440 DH per month, which represents a slight increase compared to the last quarter of 2020 (+ 1%) and an increase of 3% compared to the same quarter of the past year. The monthly rental cost of furnished villas is estimated at 22,070 dirhams per month, down 2% quarter-on-quarter and up 1% year-on-year.

“The ten star districts in the long-term rental of housing are: Guéliz (Marrakech), Agdal (Rabat), Ryad (Rabat), Sidi Maarouf, Dar Bouazza, Bouskoura, Aïn Sebaâ, Maarif, Bourgogne (Casablanca) and Tangier Center” , let know the specialized site.

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