MRE to boost real estate?

The new law sets the end of the exemption operation on December 31, 2021 instead of June 30 initially provided for by the finance law for the year 2021.

PJD parliamentarians explain their position by the persistence of the crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the real estate sector for four years. Also, the initiators of the law, they note, the need for the sector to take advantage of the summer period marked by a high rate of purchases of real estate by Moroccans residing abroad.

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“This measure could also give an exceptional breath of fresh air to the real estate sector and have a positive impact on other sectors linked to the latter”, supports the PDJ in his arguments.

In the event that the new law is adopted by parliament, new purchasers of real estate constructed and intended for the main dwelling, will be able to benefit from the exemption of 100% from registration fees, and of immovable property constructed for which the total value, is less than or equal to 4 million DH, and for which the exemption from registration fees is 50%.

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