Russians shun Moroccan tomatoes

Even though the Moroccan tomato is in bad shape in Russia, according to some sources, data shows that exports are increasing in France, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In 2020, Morocco exported 596.72 million kilos of tomatoes. An overall performance compared to the figures obtained in the past.

But a look at the destinations, indicates that France (359.35 million kilos) occupies the 1st place in this economic success. It is followed by the United Kingdom (52.83 million kilos), Spain (40.22 million kilos) and the Netherlands (38.16 million kilos). Published figures which nevertheless demonstrate the good health of this agricultural product over the past five years. But at the same time, the Russian market shows an abnormal decline.

If in 2016 Morocco exported 110.2 million kilos of tomatoes to Putin’s country, it sold only 35.72 million kilos in 2020. Published statistics which should lead actors in the sector to seek the real causes of this drastic drop.

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