Mohamed Hajib’s connections with German intelligence

Scandals, collusions, leaks and small acquaintances with extremism of all stripes have always littered the course of the German intelligence apparatus.

Often, deliberately ignored by the press, they nevertheless had some inglorious echoes. The case of Mohamed Hajib, a former detainee for terrorism and extremism due to his association with al-Qaeda in its traditional strongholds in Pakistan and Afghanistan, is not the first case in the heavy case of the lightness of frequencies and relations between German intelligence. It is part of a series of successive scandals that recently hit the heads of intelligence services in Germany.

On September 24, 2020, German Defense Minister Angret Karenbauer ” dismissed “The chief of military intelligence, Christoph Gram, because of:” the rise of extremism within the German Federal Army “. A German ministerial spokesperson said at the time that “ this change came in the context of efforts to confront right-wing extremism within the military apparatus “.

“Spiegel Online” wrote at the time that: “ the defense minister decided to do without Gram because of the scandal of right-wing extremism in the German army “, Before continuing:”Officially Gram was fired from retirement, but the minister actually fired him from his post “.

Two years earlier in September 2018, a scandal had erupted within the German internal intelligence service. He almost destroyed the coalition of the party that formed the government of Angela Merkel at the time.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) then demanded the dismissal of the director of internal intelligence, Hans-Georg Massen, due to accusations attributed to him, namely those of affinity and sympathy with the far-right party. “Alternative to Germany”, as well as due to the escalation of “Stalking Aliens” Campaigns documented by videos and digital content posted on social media platforms and mass communication media.

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Fears of the German political elite had grown over the “collusion” of internal intelligence with the far right. The intentions of the head of the agency were then unveiled “he was providing information and other means to members of the” Alternative for Germany “party. advice on how to avoid putting them under constant security surveillance ”. Charges formally confirmed by a member of the party in question.

Hans-Georg Massen, appointed in August 2012 to the post of head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, was forced to resign after discovering that “ the intelligence apparatus had torn up, dispersed and destroyed archives and documents on suspects in the context of the neo-Nazi cell of the “NSU “.

In this context and the ” compromise of terrorism against security That German intelligence has concluded with a number of extremists and terrorists returning from hotbeds of tension around the world, figures former detainee Mohamed Hajib. The foreign intelligence of the Federal State of Germany disclosed secret intelligence they had obtained from their Moroccan counterpart for the benefit of Mohamed Hajib. Indeed, they asked him not to go to Ireland, where his wife resided, in order to avoid his arrest because of the international arrest warrant issued against him by the Moroccan judicial authorities.

German intelligence violated the code of honor that governs security interests around the world The Moroccan press was indignant. German intelligence, aware that it would not be able to provide protection and cover to Mohamed Hajib outside its territory, was therefore quick to notify him not to travel to any other country, thus reaching a dual objective, according to a Moroccan official.

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By rendering this service to Mohamed Hajib, German intelligence was simply giving itself a bargaining chip. In the end, the terrorist and former detainee Mohamed Hajib is not the cornerstone of the degradation of bilateral relations between Morocco and Germany, as some try to promote, but rather a title of black collusion led by German intelligence with terrorists and ex-combatants on “jihadist” battlefields.

Arrested in 2009 during a trip to Pakistan, Mohamed Hajib, first detained there then arrested in Germany before being released on condition that he return to Morocco, had been sentenced to ten years in prison – a sentence reduced to two years then to five years – for “terrorism” offenses.

Released in 2017, he had on his release from prison claimed 1.5 million euros in damages from Germany, which he accuses of having pushed him to Morocco in 2010, where he says he was tortured. Now living in Germany, he is the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by Morocco.

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