MAD 242 million of contraband goods confiscated in 2020

The customs services across the Kingdom seized in 2020 various goods whose value is estimated at 242 million dirhams (MDH) (excluding narcotics and means of transport), against 585 MDH in 2019, according to the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes. (ADII).

This decrease is due, on the one hand to the effects of the pandemic, and on the other hand to the strengthening of controls at the level of storage depots for contraband goods, explains the ADAI in its 2020 report, published on Tuesday.

In addition, the 24 interventions of the National Customs Brigade (BND), operated on the highways and in depots, for their part resulted in the seizure of goods worth 70.1 MDH, notes the report. .

In addition, the report states that the penetration rate of contraband cigarettes on the national market for the year 2020 is 1.37%, against 5.23% in 2019 and 3.73% in 2018, according to the results of the 7th contraband cigarette prevalence study.

And to explain that this result, “remarkable and unprecedented” since the first study carried out in 2014, is the fruit of the efforts made by the customs, the police, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Royal Armed Forces and the Auxiliary Forces as well as the economic operators concerned, with the aim of combating cigarette smuggling and cracking down on any fraudulent activity in this area.

Regarding the fight against currency trafficking and money laundering, the ADII reports 3,491 currency declarations recorded at the various border offices against 10,056 declarations in 2019, for a global amount in foreign currency equivalent to 532 MDH.

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In terms of currency offenses, currency seizures made at the level of travelers control reached MAD 40.6 million against MAD 129.9 million in 2019.

In their fight against counterfeiting, the customs services seized 939,000 counterfeit items in 2020. As for requests to suspend the release into free circulation of goods suspected of being counterfeit, 621 requests were taken care of against 689 in 2019.

In 2020, the customs services seized 56 tons of contraband plastic bags, 21 plastic bag production machines as well as 6,500 kg of granules.

Thus, since the entry into force of Law 77-15, the quantity of seizures made by Customs has reached 263.2 tonnes. In addition, the searches carried out during this year made it possible to dismantle several clandestine production units.

On another note, the report notes that following the closure of the Bab Sebta and Bab Mellilia border posts, customs ensured the support of operators in the eastern and north-western regions for their conversion to the formal.

To this end, awareness meetings and training sessions were organized to carry out this operation. This support resulted in the inclusion on BADR of 479 new companies located in Nador and 147 established in the Tétouan-Fnideq area.

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