Israel facing its responsibilities in Jerusalem violations against the Palestinians

The recent escalations in Al Quds Acharif (Jerusalem) between Palestinians and Israeli security forces revived the Palestinian cause in the minds of human rights defenders but above all brought the public face to face with the reality of the violations perpetrated. on the Palestinian population.

While the Hamas movement had threatened a military escalation if the Israeli authorities continued to use force against the Palestinians, including the use of putrid water streams to disperse them and the use of rubber bullets to aim In the eyes of the demonstrators, the Israeli forces signed the escalation by setting fire to the interior of the Al Aqsa Mosque during the Maghreb prayer time.

Nearly thirty Palestinians were killed in the night from Monday to Tuesday in the Israeli strikes, among them 9 children. The London-based NGO Save the Children said it was “horrified” by the Israeli airstrikes calling for an end to “targeting and killing civilians indiscriminately”.

For its part, the NGO Amnesty International denounced Tuesday an “illegal and abusive use of force” by Israel against Palestinian demonstrators “largely peaceful”. These are some 520 Palestinians who were injured in the clashes on the Mosques Esplanade on Monday evening, against 32 Israeli police officers.

Israeli police used stun grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas and putrid water cannons against Palestinians who threw stones, bottles and fireworks in self-defense.

While NGOs have called on the international community to “hold Israel accountable for its systemic violations” and the situation that has flared up, the United States and Britain have reacted quickly to defend Israel in this story, by condemning only rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, 90% of which were intercepted by Israeli anti-missile devices.

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Meanwhile, the Israeli army was launching a rain of air raids on the blocked enclave and where there is extreme poverty, destroying a 10-story building in an airstrike. The two countries did not see fit to put the events in context and to condemn the recent violations by the Israelis on the Palestinian people, notably on the issue of Sheikh Jarrah, where the Israeli police force on horseback charged on civilians. and trampling on a man.

Since Monday and after the recent events, international condemnations from celebrities on social networks have been raining down. Videos and posts explaining the situation were released despite bans on Instagram.

Most of the people who reposted the events emphasized the human aspect and international law, putting aside the dualities between Jews and Muslims. Pro-Palestine demonstrations chanting the slogan “Free Palestine” were also organized, especially in Tunisia.

The origins of violence in East Jerusalem

Violence has peaked in recent days between Palestinians and Israelis after three events that struck Palestinians deep inside. Israeli forces and authorities pushed the Palestinians’ patience to the limit, prompting them to react.

While the month of Ramadan is holy for Muslims, Israeli authorities have attempted to prevent worshipers from accessing the Mosques Esplanade, Islam’s third holiest site. This ban was greeted as yet another attempt to humiliate and violate the rights of Muslim worshipers, as Jewish worshipers are free to assemble as they wish.

As the violence between Palestinians and the police began because of this ban, one evening, a group of far-right Israelis chose to demonstrate at the same time, chanting “Death to the Arabs!” And uttering various insults and while attacking the Israeli police.

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The third event that will have struck even more the Palestinians who militate for a dignified life and a Palestinian State liberated from the illegal occupation, is in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah of the city of East Jerusalem, Palestinian part of the holy city illegally occupied by Israel .

At least 30 Palestinian families are on the verge of being evicted from their own homes for the benefit of Jewish settlers, with the approval of the Israeli justice system which postponed the hearing to avoid a scandal. This event rekindled the feelings of anger and memories of Palestinians whose land had been dispossessed for decades in the face of inaction by the international community.

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