Al-Quds events: Moroccan parliamentarians react

Representatives of parliamentary groups and groupings in the House of Advisors on Tuesday expressed their condemnation of the violations of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Thus, the Justice and Development group strongly condemned the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people and the maneuvers aimed at Judaizing the city of Al-Quds, while welcoming the resistance of the Palestinian people and the Maqdessis, and the Kingdom’s position in favor. of the Palestinian cause.

For its part, the Istiqlalien group of Unity and Equality denounced the barbaric attack on the Palestinians, calling on the international community to act to put an end to these maneuvers.

Same story for the parliamentarians of the Authenticity and Modernity group, who after having condemned the violations committed against the Palestinian people, joined their voices to all the free peoples of the world to denounce these immoral practices which prevent the realization of the peace in the Middle East region and consider that the one and only solution is to establish a Palestinian state with Al Quds East as its capital.

In turn, the socialist group condemned the new attack on the right of Palestinians to live in peace, in particular the Maqdessis, who have suffered for a week of continuous repression, and the international silence vis-à-vis what the people are suffering. Palestinians.

As for the haraki group, it condemned the violations against the Palestinians and the attacks against the faithful, calling on the international community to act urgently to stop these attacks.

For its part, the group of the Democratic Confederation of Labor denounced the attempted assault on the Al-Aqsa mosque, the displacement of residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the attack on the faithful in the courtyard of the mosque.

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For the group of the Moroccan labor union, he considered that “the Palestinian question is the business of all Moroccans”, condemning the attacks committed against the Palestinians, in particular in Al-Quds, and expressing his unconditional solidarity with the Palestinians to establish their independent state.

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