The Gambia reiterates support for Morocco’s territorial integrity

The two ministers expressed the wish to further develop bilateral cooperation between the two countries in several areas such as energy and renewable energies, agriculture, infrastructure, training, water, education and exchange of experiences in the field of water management and the construction of dams.

As such, they expressed their willingness to schedule the 3rd session of the Joint Cooperation Commission and to organize an economic forum in Banjul, continues the same source, specifying that the two ministers mentioned in this context several draft agreements. cooperation projects that are being finalized, covering the fields of energy, trade, industry, double taxation, agriculture, youth and sports, religious affairs, investment promotion, tourism and cultural affairs. Mamadou Tangara thanked his Moroccan counterpart for the granting by Morocco of scholarships to Gambian students, thus contributing to the development of their capacities, expressing the wish to increase the quota and to extend it to future technicians among them.

They pledged to support each other on issues related to the fundamental interests of the two countries, the statement noted, adding that on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, Mamadou Tangara reiterated his country’s unwavering and constant support for – view of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and welcomed the efforts undertaken by Morocco to find a political solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara. In addition, Mamadou Tangara hailed the credibility and primacy of the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative as a basis for resolving this issue, while reiterating the full support of the Republic of The Gambia for the role played by the United Nations (UN) as as an exclusive and consensual framework for reaching a lasting solution to this regional dispute and to African Union (AU) Decision 693 adopted by the 31st Summit held in July 2018, officially supporting the UN process in this regard.

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During this meeting, the two ministers also expressed their willingness to further strengthen strategic communication and coordination between the two countries within the framework of the various regional and multilateral forums, such as the AU and the UN, thus agreeing to coordinate , through their permanent representatives in New York, Geneva and to the AU, their actions and decisions regarding matters of common interest. They also discussed the need to support each other when it comes to running candidates for various positions in continental and international institutions, the statement concluded.

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