Exports up 12% in Q1-2021

Exports of handicrafts products recorded, during the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 12% compared to the same period of 2020, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, Air Transport and Economy social.

“After a year marked by the severe repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, exports of handicrafts are showing, during the first quarter of 2021, the beginnings of a recovery, thus recording a rate of increase of two figures, or 12% compared to the same period of 2020 (period before Covid) “, indicates the ministry in a press release.

During the first quarter of 2021, the majority of craft products recorded very good developments. Those of the brassware family come first, notes the ministry, noting that they have experienced very strong demand abroad, with an export turnover (turnover) multiplied by 4 compared to the same period. from 2020.

This strong growth also affected wrought iron and blankets which marked respective evolutions of 82% and 81%, followed by leather goods (53%) and basketwork (47%), adds the same source.

The “Miscellaneous” category, which corresponds to consolidated consignments made up of a multitude of products belonging to different families, or to mixed products, made from different raw materials and which cannot be associated with a single product family, has also displayed “an excellent feat,” said the ministry, specifying that exports of products classified in this category have increased twice as much for the same period.

In terms of contributions to the export turnover, and apart from pottery and stone usually ranked at the top with a share of 26%, the Miscellaneous, basketwork and blankets families have marked gains in terms of shares, with respective contributions 20%, 11% and 10

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