Covid-19: Egypt will produce Sinovac-Vacsera

Egypt intends to start local production of Sinovac’s anti-Covid19 vaccine from June. And the Chinese version of the vaccine will be called Sinovac-Vacsera.

It was the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, who officially declared this during a press conference given in Cairo recently. On this occasion, she also indicated that the first two million doses would be produced next month in the factories of the Egyptian Company for Biologics and Vaccines (VACSERA). Hence, the name Sinovac-Vacsera that will carry the version of the Chinese vaccine which will be produced in the land of the Pharaohs.

“We will receive a first shipment of raw materials necessary for the manufacture of the vaccine on May 18,” she announced to the media, specifying that 40 million doses would be produced in the first year.

He recalled: “The two agreements were signed between Sinovac and VACSERA in April. The first allowed the Egyptian side to obtain the expertise and technical assistance necessary to produce the vaccine; the second grants VACSERA the authorization to manufacture and package the vaccine in its factories ”.

Finally, it should be noted that Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world, began at the end of January to vaccinate medical staff in government hospitals with a vaccine against COVID-19 manufactured by Sinopharm, another large Chinese pharmaceutical company. It was the first COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Egyptian Medicines Authority.

To date, Egypt reports a total of 239,000 cases of COVID-19, including 13,972 deaths and 177,000 recoveries.

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