a majority of hospitalized patients have at least one symptom after 6 months

According to this report published in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 60% of patients hospitalized because of Covid-19 “are still affected by at least one symptom six months after infection”. Fatigue, respiratory discomfort and muscle and joint pain are among other symptoms that persist in patients followed six months after hospitalization for Covid-19.

A quarter of these patients present “three or more symptoms” and 2% even “had to be hospitalized again”, underlines the same study carried out on a sample of 1,137 patients formed to follow Covid-19 patients after their hospitalization.

The research has also made it possible to observe “a correlation between the initial severity of the disease and the long-term persistence of symptoms”. Most of the patients who present at least three symptoms six months after infection are patients who have been hospitalized in intensive care and in those who had manifested several symptoms.

The study also shows that men are more at risk of developing severe forms and women seem to be more at risk of suffering from symptoms that persist over time.

In addition, the researchers analyzed, on the basis of the sample submitted for the study, the economic and social impacts of the persistence of symptoms. The study, the results of which are consistent with those of several others carried out around the world, showed that among patients who had symptoms at six months and who were working when they were infected, a third did not return. to work.

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