CSR: Publication of a guide on working conditions in Morocco

The Observatory of CSR in Morocco (ORSEM) and AtlantaSanad Assurance have jointly published a CSR Guide on “Working conditions in Morocco”.

“This guide, the first in a series of thematic CSR guides that the two parties, ORSEM and the insurance company AtlantaSanad, intend to publish as and when. This initiative follows on from their partnership sealed in 2019, which aims to promote the CSR culture ”, explains in a press release sent to Hespress FR.

Intending to be a practical guide, this publication addresses seven key factors for improving working conditions with a methodology based on examples of concrete business cases. These factors are in this case, well-being and quality of life at work, social dialogue, social action, vocational training, skills development, integration into the professional world and diversity and ‘equity.

Focusing on the theme of ‘Working Conditions in Morocco’, this guide covers the fields of recruitment and promotion of workers, respect for labor law, transfer and relocation of workers, termination of employment, training and skills development, occupational health, safety and hygiene, as well as any policy or practice affecting working conditions, including working time and pay.

Likewise, labor relations and conditions also encompass the recognition of workers’ organizations as well as the representation and participation of both workers’ and employers’ organizations in collective bargaining, social dialogue and tripartite consultations to address issues. social related to employment.

Towards the popularization of CSR concepts and practices in Morocco

Thus, through the publication of CSR guides, these two partners aim to offer support to managers and to provide students and researchers with useful and didactic materials. All with the aim of creating more interest in CSR, both within companies and also in academia and research.

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Moreover, in this regard, the President of ORSEM, Tarik El Malki, and, moreover, DG of ISACE-Rabat, declared for the occasion: “We are delighted that this first guide is born. For ORSEM, it constitutes a concrete step in its vision of popularizing CSR concepts and practices in Morocco ”.

For her part, Fatima Zahra Bensalah, Vice-President of AtlantaSanad Assurance affirmed: “With this first guide ‘Working Conditions in Morocco’, which we are publishing, in partnership with ORSEM, we are willing to participate in the promotion of CSR concepts and practices with the key cases and examples of concrete actions ”.

In addition, this first publication, available on (http://www.atlanta.ma/responsabilite-societale-des-entreprises) will soon be enriched by a second guide on the theme of “Gender Diversity” and whose publication is scheduled for the end of this month of May.

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