Covid19: Restriction of travel to and from the city of Fez during Aid week

Covid19: Restriction of travel to and from the city of Fez during Aid week” loading=”eager” srcset=” 800w,×513.jpg 768w” sizes=”( max-width : 300px ) 100vw ,( max-width : 400px ) 100vw ,( max-width : 500px ) 100vw ,443px”/>

hespress FRMonday May 10th, 2021 – 06:34 PM

The Prefectural Command Post (PCP) announced on Monday the conditioning of travel to and from the city of Fez, from May 11 to 16, as part of the precautionary measures to fight the Covid pandemic. 19.

“It was decided on the occasion of the Aid Al Fitr holidays and the school holidays to subject the movements of citizens from and to Fez to obtaining a derogatory travel certificate issued by the local authorities and the vaccination certificate downloadable from the site, or failing that, a negative PCR sample, from May 11 to 16, ”indicates a PCP press release.

This decision comes following the recommendations resulting from the meeting, on Monday, of the members of the PCP, held at the headquarters of the Wilaya of the Fes-Meknes Region, and within the framework of compliance with the precautionary and preventive measures against the Covid19 pandemic, and with regard to the extension by the Moroccan government of the state of health emergency on the national territory until June 10, 2021, the same source adds.

The local authorities thus called on the citizens to continue to observe the precautionary rules and to engage responsibly in respecting the preventive measures.

Covid-19 Fes PCP Travel restriction

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