The interministerial monitoring commission delivers its Ramadan report

The interministerial commission responsible for monitoring supply, prices and quality control operations held its fourth meeting on Thursday, May 6, 2021 during this month of Ramadan under the chairmanship of the Department of General Affairs and Governance under the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

This meeting, in coordination with the ministerial departments responsible for the Interior, Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Industry and Commerce, and that of Energy and Mines, was devoted to an update on the situation of supply, price levels and the control balance during the first three weeks of this holy month, explains the Ministry of the Economy in a press release.

During this period, it emerges from the reports and data available at the level of the services of the departments concerned, that the markets are supplied in an abundant way and with a diversity of products of wide consumption, indicates the same source.

Regarding the prices charged, the department of Mohamed Benchaaboun indicates that they are generally stable with the continuation of the downward trend in the prices of dates, dried fruits, legumes as well as certain vegetables such as dry onion.

That said, slight increases in the prices of other food products such as white meats have been noted, the same source says.

Regarding the results of the price and product quality control operations carried out by the joint local control commissions chaired by the Walis and Governors, the same source specifies that they carried out during the first three weeks of the month. of Ramadan at 34,017 points of sale, and led to the finding of 1,410 infringements in terms of price and quality, including 733 for failure to display prices, 269 for failure to bill 51 for non-compliance with the standards of the quality, health and sanitary safety and 2 offenses for illegal price increases, noting that the offenders were sanctioned in accordance with the regulations in this area.

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With regard to the quality of goods and products stored or presented for sale, the joint commissions seized and destroyed 93 tonnes of goods unfit for consumption or not meeting the required standards.

To conclude, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance indicated that the committee will continue to hold regular meetings to follow the evolution of the market situation, the level of supply and prices and the assessment of the interventions of control commissions to deal with any form of fraud, monopolization, speculation or price manipulation.

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