Resilience of young detainees: DGAPR and UNFPA join forces

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reinsertion (DGAPR), have announced the signing of a partnership agreement for the year 2021, in order to support young prisoners in their personal development.

Signed by Mohamed Salah Tamek, General Delegate for Prison Administration and Reintegration, and Luis Mora, representative of UNFPA, the agreement commits the two organizations to promote the involvement of prisoners in the quest for individual and collective well-being. .

A press release from the General Delegation indicates that the UNFPA and the DGAPR will act together this year to consolidate the achievements and achievements of the first year of collaboration 2020, through fun and cultural development activities, associated with a system support and monitoring of young detainees and the sharing of good professional practices by the various actors involved in carrying out the activities of this work plan.

Special support will be allocated to improve the knowledge and attitudes of girls and young women incarcerated in detention centers in matters of sexual and reproductive health and gender equality, through a monitoring and training program based on the peer education approach.

This joint work is part of the project “Promotion of the rights to sexual and reproductive health of women and girls and gender equality in Morocco”, implemented with the support of the Embassy of Canada in Morocco.

UNFPA, which this year ends its 9th cycle of cooperation with the Moroccan government, continues to support the country’s progress. In this context, it leads a strategic partnership with the DGAPR to enable young people to prepare well for post-prison life and to set up an individual life project.

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