a World Day for Freedom of Expression amid general indifference

World Freedom of Expression Day is an opportunity to unveil the situation of journalists, especially at this time when it is partly linked to the health context. It is clear that around the world, this latest exercise has been characterized by the increase in murders, incarceration, online harassment and other assaults. From NGOs such as reporters without borders to organizations such as the United Nations with Unesco, including European ones (Parliament and Council of Europe), all have sounded the alarm signal on this world day.

Already, battered by the health crisis and Dame Covid, the world of journalism in Morocco is experiencing its worst crisis (keys under the doormat, job losses, declining wages and green and unripe …). This year, much like the others, this day went virtually unnoticed. Never mind ! some who care about the profession have thought about this.

In Morocco, estimates the Organization for the Freedoms of Information and Expression (HATEM), in a statement that in this freedom of the press, supposed to be one of the pillars of a new Morocco, the indicators are worrying and in retreat. ” Hatem and the Moroccan human rights movement have always warned against the need to tackle the causes of a regression, which would affect the country’s higher interests as much as it would affect democratic construction as well as human rights. and citizens’ freedoms Said the statement that reached Hespress. Hatem through the voice of its president Mohamed El Aouni, this time, deplores the attitude of indifference on the part of the supervision towards journalism in Morocco, during its World Day when across the planet it is dedicated, directly or indirectly to the balance sheet.

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He also accuses the authorities of knowingly ignoring this day of May 3. ” Neither the Minister of Youth and Sports and Culture, nor the Minister of Human Rights nor even the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) have said a word while it is a day that is celebrated around the world “. And to continue: ” As usual, the authorities have remained silent and even fewer have not made the slightest gesture to celebrate it as it should be, while this is an opportunity to take stock and discuss it with all parties. concerned with freedom of expression. No target authority has explained why attacks on media freedom have increased? How are we going to deal with this imbalance? And why do we fall short of constitutional obligations in terms of human rights and freedoms? “. And Mohamed El Aouni to lament or to rage, ” It is unfortunate to note the progress of African countries in this matter, some of which like Namibia or Kenya have supplanted France (34th) in the ranking and come to surpass us in terms of freedom of expression and even in other freedoms , while Morocco retrograde to the 136th square “.

Unesco has chosen to mark this day under the slogan ” Information and news as a public good To highlight the importance of the media in this global health crisis which raises awareness about health and human rights. For Hatem, “ the authorities of our country as such have made no commitment to this spirit. They neglected and ignored it through another rather repressive approach towards the media as independent institutions, of development, of communication and as a public good in the service of society, for the purposes of democratic construction and progress at different levels “.

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Mohamed El Aouni still has that word “Today the Moroccan journalist is shaving the walls and making himself very small. Targeting journalists, reporters and photographers, confiscating their materials and preventing them from reporting events as they unfolded is a serious attack on press freedom, these practices constitute a violation of the freedom of the press, of the spirit of the Constitution, of Morocco’s international commitments and of the country’s image ”. And to conclude ” Today, more than ever, all the entities owe themselves to the single national cause which is our territorial integrity. Why then create problems which would implode a system which finds its raison d’être, in the sacred union? “.

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