Operation Marhaba in good shape despite border closures in Sebta and Melilla

It’s rehashed! according to the Spanish media, as long as Morocco “persists in wanting to develop projects in its northern and northeastern regions to relocate the population which survived on border smuggling”, the two occupied enclaves of Sebta and Melilla will remain closed.

The daily “El Español”, moreover, did not budge from the idea, ten days ago, arguing that Morocco had no intention of opening the land borders with Sebta and Melilla even after the health crisis, “at least until Spain accepts some of its demands” such as recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara. But that was before, as the ad would say. The media underestimated in the case that the fact of ceding the Sahara to Morocco after the Green March was in itself a recognition of Moroccanness on this former Spanish colony and former Moroccan province.

Rabat would try with the occupied presidents of Sebta and Melilla to “follow the model established with Algeria”, whose borders have been closed for 27 years (1994), namely to relocate jobs by developing the northeast zone adjacent to its neighbor. by putting an end to the informal smuggling. “The objective of Rabat is to economically develop the eastern and central areas of Morocco, to contribute to employment and to improve the standard of living of the inhabitants” we continue in order to avoid social conflicts and popular demonstrations, mainly of those who made their living moving goods between Spain and Morocco.

A leitmotif that the authorities of the occupied presidents and mainly that of Sebta, who are economically asphyxiated do not know what holy smuggler to turn to, keeps repeating. The daily recalled it, if atypical trade has fallen dramatically since 2019 it is because there have been several economic plans that the Moroccan government has implemented, creating businesses and generating jobs (around 5,000 until 2023) in the TangierTetouan-Al-Hoceima region.

In addition, it is pointed out, Morocco plans to position itself in a privileged position in Mediterranean trade with the construction of the port of Nador and the extension of Tanger-Med. ” This way it will be done without Sebta and Melilla », We still publish. This is because the Spanish media consider it extremely difficult to cooperate with the enclaves occupied as part of Operation Marhaba or Paso del Estrecho depending on the bank where you are. Last year, the operation was successfully carried out with special aircraft from different countries and with two shipping routes from France and Italy. The Moroccan authorities had this year some contacts with shipping companies to see their “availability and capacity”, some of which even fly the Spanish flag.

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Morocco is also considering crossings from France and Italy, and possibly even for once from Portugal. Thus, the Moroccan authorities will not depend on Spain if it does not open the maritime routes to Morocco. Another probability ” the yacht charter from Portugal “. All this commotion will have been good, since the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA) launched a call for tenders in the perspective of an activation of the crossing to Tangier-Med, of travelers in from northern European countries to Morocco. It is that Algeciras economically left feathers there since Lady Covid rages.

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