Entrepreneurship: BOA enriches its support program


hespress FRMonday May 3rd, 2021 – 08:18 PM

Bank of Africa is expanding its network of partners by signing, recently, an agreement with the Regional Investment Center (CRI) Casablanca-Settat in order to promote the territory and improve its attractiveness.

The former BMCE has just signed an agreement with the CRI which aims to promote and raise awareness of Entrepreneurship in the Casablanca-Settat Region as well as support young project leaders through in particular the improvement of the entrepreneurial skills of AE, TPE and PME.

“The bank puts all its expertise in the field of the development of structures and programs of innovation, incubation and acceleration to offer today a program which is based on the triptych of training, mentoring and networking as well as on support for the implementation of a strategic approach of economic and territorial intelligence ”, indicates a press release from the bank.

And to add: “Through this agreement, Bank of Africa supports the IRC, among other things, in the production of economic and sector studies, the promotion of the attractiveness of the territory through Soft Power tools and the sharing of information with investors ”.

According to the same source, this partnership mainly aims to ensure more proximity with the socio-professional world and to integrate the specificities of each territory into the bank’s approach.

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