who will be able to cultivate and produce cannabis?

According to the Minister of the Interior, the law now requires authorization from anyone wishing to invest in the cultivation and production of cannabis in Morocco. This authorization will be granted only to nationals residing in the national territory. In addition, the legal framework in gestation will calibrate the quantities necessary for medical, industrial and pharmaceutical uses, underlined the Minister of the Interior, adding that farmers will be required to join cooperatives created especially for this purpose and which would be linked, by virtue of contracts, to cannabis industrialization and processing companies or to export companies authorized to market the crops. This provision aims to counter acts of misappropriation of legalization for other purposes, explained Minister Laftit.

With regard to the construction and operation of cannabis nurseries as well as the export and import of seeds and plants, the law prohibits their being sold to persons not authorized to cultivate and produce cannabis. , he noted, explaining that this is one of the main guarantees to restrict this culture exclusively to people with authorization. The aim is not to perpetuate the trafficking networks.

Thus, the transformation and industrialization of cannabis and its derivatives can be supported by any company incorporated under Moroccan law with secure and supervised storage spaces, a company capable of respecting the specifications and defining the terms of transport. cannabis-derived products under conditions favorable to the preservation of the quality of the product.

Needless to say, Morocco, the world’s leading producer of cannabis and its derivatives, has initiated a legislative procedure aimed at adopting a law on the medical, cosmetic and therapeutic use of cannabis. The law already amended by the government is under consideration in parliament.

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