Morocco is not on the list of countries banned by the United States

The US government added at least 116 countries on Wednesday to its list of countries where it is strongly advised not to travel. Ranked at Level 3, Morocco is not on this list, although the United States urges citizens to reconsider their trips to the Kingdom.

Morocco remains a destination authorized by the United States, although it is not recommended for its classification at level 3, in the same way as China, Australia, Japan, Angola, or the Nigeria. The travel advisory issued for Zimbabwe remains at Level 2, warning visitors to “exercise extra caution”.

“This does not imply a reassessment of the current health situation in any given country, but rather reflects an adjustment of the State Department’s travel advisory system to rely more on existing Centers for epidemiological assessments. Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)The US Department said. of state explained in a press release.

In the past 48 hours, the United States Office of Consular Affairs has issued more than 200 revised travel advisories. Most of these advisories, which are intended to inform U.S. citizens of their relative safety when visiting foreign countries, have been raised to level 4. This represents the highest level of warning in the United States to travelers to the foreign.

Among the countries where it is forbidden for Americans to travel are France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa.

On Monday, the department announced that it would complete the list, then comprising 34 states, in which it strongly recommends “not to travel”.

Since yesterday, France therefore appears on level four alert. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a level 4 Travel Health Notice for France due to Covid-19, indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country”, explains the State Department.

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American diplomacy also warns against the threats of an attack, and, surprisingly, against the demonstrations of the yellow vests of 2018 and 2019. “Protests in Paris and other major cities continue in France and are expected to continue in the coming weeks. Property damage, including looting and arson, has taken place in populated tourist areas, with complete disregard for public safety. The police responded with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas, ” is it written.

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