Markets: Abundant supply and stable prices during the first eight days of Ramadan

The interministerial commission responsible for monitoring supply, prices and quality and price control operations, meeting on Thursday, ensured that markets are abundantly supplied with widely consumed products and prices are stable during the first eight days of Ramadan.

“It emerges from the daily monitoring of the markets carried out by the departments concerned, that the markets for widely consumed products are abundantly supplied during this period and that no particular anomaly has been identified at this level”, indicates the Department of General Affairs and Governance in a statement on the second meeting of this committee. “As for practical prices, they are generally stable, some categories have even recorded decreases compared to the same period of the month of Ramadan of the previous year, like legumes and red meats. Slight increases in the prices of certain food products such as tomatoes and white meats were also noted, ”continues the same source.

This meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Department of General Affairs and Governance under the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform, with the participation of the ministerial departments responsible for the Interior, ‘Agriculture, maritime fisheries, Industry and commerce, and Energy and mining. The committee will continue to hold regular meetings to follow the evolution of the market situation, the level of supply and prices and the results of the interventions of the control committees to deal with any type of fraud, monopolization, speculation or price manipulation, the statement concludes.

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