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A gesture of weariness, disavowal, umpteenth rant, repentance or resignation and renunciation, the decision taken today by the leader of the Hirak Rifain Nasser Zafzafi imprisoned in the Tangier 2 penitentiary will not leave those “in or out” indifferent. follow the file of the Rif movement.

Relayed by his father, Ahmed Zafzafi, on his Facebook page this Thursday, April 22, 202, the news sounds much more like an admission of failure than like a paving stone in the pond, for the most illustrious of Moroccan detainees who wants to be a political prisoner and who is serving a 20-year sentence, following a nine-month trial on one of the charges of “conspiracy to endanger state security”, a punishable charge, according to the authorities. texts, the death penalty. This fate was sealed on a Tuesday at the end of June 2018 by the verdict of the criminal chamber of the Casablanca court of appeal.

From the depths of his cell in Tangier prison Nasser Zafzafi made a poignant disavowal to his father who hastened to follow. In it, he expresses his disappointment at the greed of those who ardently handle the appetite for a leadership which has been devolved to him. “J‘I assumed the responsibility of activist of the Rif movement for more than four years, and I was keen to see my compatriots as a compact and united body and not as enemies of the Rif movement ”. And to continue, “my dreams evaporated and were confronted with the struggles of ignorance (jahiliya) that should never have been, if not for the drafted intentions of those obsessed with leadership, fame, captativity and self-worship. The movement missed a historic opportunity. Many of the inhabitants of the Rif have contributed to this general failure “.

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And to declare “solemnly” ” Because of what I have just mentioned, I announce to the national and international public opinion that I have renounced the enormous responsibility which was incumbent on me. in these particular circumstances “. And to conclude thanking and “blessing” all those who supported him in “his misfortunes” during these four years of “galley” or “great adventure”, ” So I withdraw and I leave the field open to others, so that they can succeed there I failed. I suffered suffering that made my tears flow, and those of those who have always been with me, praying for me and supporting my family. Our path will remain that of freedom “.

The enfant terrible of the Kingdom’s prisons (Oukacha and Tangier 2 among others) seems to have resigned himself to his fate and this disavowal strongly resembles a request for grace from which he did not benefit, on the contrary from a few companions with whom he had been on the road and who, after being pardoned, are now tasting freedom.

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