Health system reform: A project based on the consecration of a new governance, according to Ait Taleb

The work of reforming the health system is based on the consecration of a new governance aiming to strengthen the mechanisms of legislation and control of the work of the interveners and to consolidate the hospital governance and the territorial planning of the health supply, Health Minister Khalid Ait Taleb said on Tuesday.

Presenting a presentation on the work of reforming the health system and its rehabilitation, during the Government Council meeting by videoconference, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government Saad Dine El Otmani, Khalid Ait Taleb specified that these objectives will be achieved through the creation of management and governance bodies, namely the higher body for integrated health legislation, regional health agencies and territorial health groups.

In this regard, the Minister stressed that among the main foundations of this project is the development of human resources by removing the obstacles imposed by law 131.13, on the practice of foreign doctors in Morocco, by promulgating new rules based on on the principle of equal treatment between Moroccan doctors and their foreign colleagues, since the foreign doctor will be able to practice his profession under the same conditions applied to their Moroccan colleagues and foreign doctors who currently practice in Morocco.

This reform project, he said, also aims to strengthen foreign investment and attract foreign medical expertise and skills, which will, on the one hand, develop health infrastructure and provide high quality biomedical equipment and, on the other hand, to encourage Moroccan medical skills resident abroad to return to their country to work and settle there permanently.

The Minister underlined, in the same context, that a public health service will be created with the aim of enhancing the human capital of the public health sector and adapting its management to the specificities of the health profession.

This project consists of rehabilitating the health offer through support of the regional dimension, by implementing the regional health program and by applying the obligation to respect the treatment option and by working to rehabilitate institutions. health, he said.

The creation of an integrated information system that allows the collection, processing and use of all basic information relating to the health system, including the private sector, is another pillar of this project, which will allow also a precise follow-up of the patient and the evaluation of the progress of his treatments, based on the common medical file while improving the billing system in hospitals, explained Khalid Ait Taleb.

At the start of his presentation, the Minister determined the general framework of this project through three reference elements, in this case the implementation of the High Royal Guidelines aiming to completely review the national health system, to promote the sector. health, one of the major vital projects and the support of framework law No. 09.21 on social protection, which relates to the obligation to reform the national health system and its rehabilitation.

This framework includes the diagnosis of the limits of the current health system, which limits emerge mainly in the succession of a set of reforms that have not caused any real change in the sector, the cruel lack of human resources and the imbalance regional distribution, an unequal health supply that does not meet the expectations of citizens, the weakness of the governance of the health system in the face of the lack of independence of health institutions, in addition to insufficient financing of the sector .

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